Vector Illustration is often quite hard to wrap ye old noggin around sometimes - especially for beginners. Whilst most Illustrators tend to use the larger more orthodox illustration applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Freehand , I choose to use Flash because of its simple, and animation friendly drawing tools. I plan to write a few of these, but first I want to lay down the basics before I even write about shading and tone, so yeaaaaaaaah! Of course, everything that appears within this tutorial can easily be accomplished using alternative packages - I will walk through my general work flow for the sake of the tutorial, and be covering the process used to create the illustration you see of steve getting attacked my the octopus.

Step 1: Get the Right Gear!

Ok enough jibber jabbering. For this tutorial, all you will need is Flash, and a drawing to work from. I recommend a scanned rough, or something sketched up in Photoshop or Alias Sketchbook (what I usually use). I will mention that a drawing tablet is definitely desirable in order to achieve accurate line work, and also make the process quicker (tablets are ninja quick).
lol kudos on the ninja reference
Haha nice. Looks very professional, I have learnt to do most of that with inkscape but not the shading, must look up
Awesome, I just bought a tablet I hope I can do some of that stuff it looks so clean and crisp
Cool stuff! Perhaps you could make one on how to use Ilustrator?

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