Flash Diffusor/bouncer an Another Way





Introduction: Flash Diffusor/bouncer an Another Way

Today my friend Juraj wanted to have a diffuse flash light for taking portraits/close ups - shadowless. Well, I made it for him in 1hour time.

Step 1: Material

Plexiglass 4 mm. White. And an already familiar tool. He wanted that plate have 12 x 12 cm square and holder 6x6cm. OK. No problem.

Step 2: Fine Polishing

Edges should be rounded - delicate photographic fingers...

Step 3: Screw

I took a transparent plexiglass (scrap) 5mm thick and made two pieces with hole 4mm. Take a screw and wing nut and all glued on white squares. So far so good.

Step 4: Look

So. Well done. It is adjustable at any angle, firmly. Finito.

Step 5: Rubber Straps

Flash under. Diffuser / bouncer above. Only one strap. (but you use over 10 pc's if you like, :))

Step 6: Front Look

Yes, this is front look. Angle can be up ...or...down... :)

Step 7: Back Look

The same look as rubber straps step, but, very important, from better angle. :)))

Step 8: Different Transparency

Well, my son Fran wanted this also and he made drawing of new look. And I have to assemble this according his wish. Two long holes for future strap, double hinge, and replaceble diffuser/bouncer from two different materials.

Step 9: Fire Through

Well, now it wait proper strap. Now, he can bounce flash light, direct in another direction, fully close and fire through.... different materials...and so on.
Costs? 1 hour work, plexiglass scrap, screw, nut, glue..good will and 10 cents.



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What is the clear, plastic adjustment thing with the wing nut? Where do you get that?

This is clear plexiglas (Lexan) and I cut two identical pcs  ... L45mm x W15mm x T6mm ...drill a hole 4mm for wing nut and screw.... pcs are glued on white Plexiglas..after cutting I polish them to clear  grade... like a glas...

 NICE! I love the simple clean ideas like this... Could make a disposable one using corrugated card or coroplast and some aluminium tape or for a less reflective bounce white paper or white coro...

Thank you...You have right, this idea is almost exosted, - my frend wanted  something little nicer, stronger :)

An hour? This is rather good, and nice-looking too.


I did'nt have stop watch, but really is less then hour... when you have all material avaliable..

Even better then!