Introduction: Flash Diffusor/bouncer an Another Way

Picture of Flash Diffusor/bouncer an Another Way

Today my friend Juraj wanted to have a diffuse flash light for taking portraits/close ups - shadowless. Well, I made it for him in 1hour time.

Step 1: Material

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Plexiglass 4 mm. White. And an already familiar tool. He wanted that plate have 12 x 12 cm square and holder 6x6cm. OK. No problem.

Step 2: Fine Polishing

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Edges should be rounded - delicate photographic fingers...

Step 3: Screw

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I took a transparent plexiglass (scrap) 5mm thick and made two pieces with hole 4mm. Take a screw and wing nut and all glued on white squares. So far so good.

Step 4: Look

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So. Well done. It is adjustable at any angle, firmly. Finito.

Step 5: Rubber Straps

Picture of Rubber Straps

Flash under. Diffuser / bouncer above. Only one strap. (but you use over 10 pc's if you like, :))

Step 6: Front Look

Picture of Front Look

Yes, this is front look. Angle can be up ...or...down... :)

Step 7: Back Look

Picture of Back Look

The same look as rubber straps step, but, very important, from better angle. :)))

Step 8: Different Transparency

Picture of Different Transparency

Well, my son Fran wanted this also and he made drawing of new look. And I have to assemble this according his wish. Two long holes for future strap, double hinge, and replaceble diffuser/bouncer from two different materials.

Step 9: Fire Through

Picture of Fire Through

Well, now it wait proper strap. Now, he can bounce flash light, direct in another direction, fully close and fire through.... different materials...and so on.
Costs? 1 hour work, plexiglass scrap, screw, nut, glue..good will and 10 cents.


ctcks (author)2010-02-04

What is the clear, plastic adjustment thing with the wing nut? Where do you get that?

KresimirPregernik (author)ctcks2010-02-04

This is clear plexiglas (Lexan) and I cut two identical pcs  ... L45mm x W15mm x T6mm ...drill a hole 4mm for wing nut and screw.... pcs are glued on white Plexiglas..after cutting I polish them to clear  grade... like a glas...

MechanicalMashup (author)2010-01-08

 NICE! I love the simple clean ideas like this... Could make a disposable one using corrugated card or coroplast and some aluminium tape or for a less reflective bounce white paper or white coro...

Thank you...You have right, this idea is almost exosted, - my frend wanted  something little nicer, stronger :)

lemonie (author)2010-01-07

An hour? This is rather good, and nice-looking too.


I did'nt have stop watch, but really is less then hour... when you have all material avaliable..

Even better then!


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