Step 1: Stuff

Now this list of things you need:
A guitar watch,
Black paint, or whatever your guitar watch is colored,
Hot glue sticks,
Hot glue gun,
flash drive,
paint brush,
sanding  paper,

Step 2: Flash

First we get are flash drive, and remove the case. This is how you remove the case take your knife, and most of the time the flash drive case has a line on the side just get your knife in there and pry it open, and there you go you have a flash drive with out a case.

Step 3: Take

Now take your guitar watch and take all the watch stuff out pry open the little hub then take your knife and pop out the watch part.

Step 5: Ginder

Ok there is a little wall between the part were we rip off the band part and the part were the watch part is cut it away with the ginder.

Step 10: Finished!


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