Picture of Flash drive savers
A million (well a few) ways to short term skin your flash drive's tender circuits to save them from the ravages of your pockets...
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Step 1: Skin it up

Picture of Skin it up
smoke rollies or joints watever because the booklets of most skins contain a space below the folded skins perfect for this and your skins are left unperturbed...

Second pic shows where the drive can be pushed in to

Step 2: So got skins then skin up...

Picture of so got skins then skin up...
Now people who roll should understand this and yes I use king size Zig-Zags ultra thin...

Right take your drive and lay it down lengthway in a kingsize skin (small might be big enough depending on the drive) and lick the gummed edge, then seal up to create a pocket. Now rip off the excess leaving half an inch or so above the drive. take another skin, lick and stick around the drive tight and spiral upwards using the whole length of the skin. now twist the end like you would a joint.

Step 3: So time to freshen that breath...

Picture of So time to freshen that breath...
Got any gum... may aswell share because flash drives are cheap but gum's cheaper

basically anything like wrigleys, empty the packet and slide the drive on in (I cut mine to size for this to make it snazzy)

Step 4: Be lazy and uninteresting...

Picture of Be lazy and uninteresting...
Use a case for SD and XD card, needs to be a clip closed one...

Step 5: Sttring the bleeder Up...literally

Picture of Sttring the bleeder Up...literally
Tie a knot tight around the plug end of the drive and tightly wind string around to fully encase it, in the pic mine's got three layers... to finish loop in under the last one you made and tie it off

Step 6: Origami stuff (kinda)

Picture of Origami stuff (kinda)
Basically the same as the skins but with a double fold at the top...

By the way I thought these up on my own but some may have been done so I don't want to hear oh you stole this and that... because people have done that an awful lot lately
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Chad Baxter5 months ago
I made one using a dollar bill and tape...quite epic...you can view it on my profile
Pander2 years ago
Funny, I had the same idea. Mine is still usable, as it is part of the case. It's a Sony Memory Stick case. There's some random button that happened to be the right size to keep the drive from swiveling in the case and a couple HDD magnets for fun.
or this found that on this site.
Caps lock off..jpg
 I like that picture. :D

I take capitalisation seriously.
What's wrong with capitalists?
xana wiljo945 years ago
rude people think its yeling. "becuse they use it all the time and yes i do to use this CAPS LOCK" oops hehe.
TheShawMaestro obviously doesn't understand 'ibles language. It consists of turning nouns into verbs, capitalizing most of what you say unless you're explaining something, and generally being hard to understand to most outsiders.
 I can't help but laugh at the timestamp for my original comment.
grue wiljo945 years ago
because Коммциіузм is better
sorry; caps key was broken at the time...
killerjackalope (author)  mettaurlover7 years ago
Parcel tape's better for in-pocket use, it wont peel or go sticky the same way... If I could just find a pez dispenser...
geo5264685 years ago
dip in liquid electrical tape?
twenglish16 years ago
got another idea electrical tape cover the flash drive with electrical tape
killerjackalope (author)  twenglish16 years ago
Pretty similar to taping up the others...
baneat6 years ago
Cover it with hot glue from a glue gun, it's permanent though.
killerjackalope (author)  baneat6 years ago
These are the ones for kicking about, hot glue features heavily in recasing flash drives, the lighter drive for one...
jonathan1117 years ago
another idea
random 004.jpg
killerjackalope (author)  jonathan1117 years ago
yeah I did that the other way round with mine so I could use the pen aswell but it eventually leaked highlighter ink in to all the USB ports (They glowed under blacklights)
have you ever taken a highlighter apart and split the inside in a sobe bottle with water? it looks pretty kool under black light
killerjackalope (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
yeah, I remember when i was in a club with blacklights and I was covered in highlighter, i was in black so the highlighter wasn't obvious then it just appeared at times...
You could use those lead cases, for mechanical pencils. Seem about the right size.
killerjackalope (author)  Wasagi7 years ago
theyre a bit too small...
I used one with the blue slide top and it was snug but it worked and then I put that inside something else and glued for a good safe holder
killerjackalope (author)  Gage9877 years ago
Smart, I had a smaller case of them I Guess...
LasVegas7 years ago
You forgot the condom cover!
it'll melt the condom or make it brittle after a couple uses
Ugh... You disgust me ...
killerjackalope (author)  LasVegas7 years ago
well the ultra thin skins kaind had that look anyway and imo your flash drive breaking is as much of an emegency as being caught without one... ness i refer to the baby instructabl
nagutron7 years ago
Plasti-Dip! Or maybe just slather the thing with epoxy....
killerjackalope (author)  nagutron7 years ago
yeah but the idea was things people have on them a fair amount of the time, there's more to come that are ridiculous but shhhh. I have no idea were to get plasti dip in the uk either so meh...
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