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Jack Daniel's Independence Project Contest

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Jack Daniel's Independence Project Contest

FlashPals started after my girlfriend asked me for a "cute" flash drive for her birthday. After struggling to find one, I made my own. She loved the gift... and so did her friends... and quite a few other people.... and BOOM! I just accidentally started a business making super cute and cuddly USB flash drives - FlashPals.

Each FlashPal has a name and personality, along with a super cute and cuddly design that resembles a different animal. I also happen to be a big animal-lover, and I support conservation efforts for each animal through online sales and donations. Save data. Save the wild!

So far I've created Jack the Giraffe and Zena the Zebra, and they are arguably the world's cutest USB flash drives. However, I want so badly to bring more animals to market. I've spent the last couple years perfecting the concept, launching a website, and building a supply chain. Now I'm ready to bring FlashPals to the world. It is my goal and my vision to offer a FlashPal for everyone, and I want you to help me make that happen.


Doug Stienstra
Born: September 12, 1988



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    Where can i get one?


    They will also be available on Amazon shortly.

    I need a tiger or lion flash pal! It would be great!

    These are so adorable! I would totally buy one of these. Congrats on being a finalist and good luck in the rest of the contest!

    This is a great idea. I think a monkey Flash Pal would be adorable too!

    Yup, I'd love to offer a monkey FlashPal, and quite a few others have requested it too. I have at least made prototypes and they're super cute:). Hopefully that will be one of the next! Ideally I'd like to offer a whole ZOO of FlashPals, so keep an eye out for more. The time has come for back-to-school flash drives to get cuddly, so I'm glad you like them!