"Flash/Works/Drano" Bomb (I Think That Covers It)





Introduction: "Flash/Works/Drano" Bomb (I Think That Covers It)

Here's a quick instructable (I'm keeping it only one page) along with the warnings of why you shouldn't do this....

Warning: Toxic, do not do this instructable (I think that sums it up, but feel free to add on :) )

1. The Works / Drano / Flash Cleaner (or anything with sodium hydroxide in it)
2. Aluminum Foil
3. Plastic Bottle with screw on cap

Do this outside away from people, animals, etc.
1. Place Aluminum Foil balls into the bottle.
2. Pour Cleaner into bottle (about 3/4 of the way)
3a. Shake it (optional) and run (not optional)
3b. Or you can throw it.

For better steps, follow this link (Site where I got the picture from): http://www.dubayou.com/?page_id=42

I think that just about says it all. Now you can say that you've seen this posted before (and this time it won't disappear)....

Video Credits: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=iixmadxii

Also Please do not do as the video says to do.... I only chose that video to show the variations of the said bomb...



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    The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner no longer works for making a bomb, they changed their chemicals.... this video shows the new chemical you can use!


    YouTuber Stephen Sharer made a works bomb (i think he used The Works)? Either way it is pretty cool and he exploded a pumpking!!!!


    so is it the Hydrocholric acid or soduim hydroxide to look for? i think i have some sodium hydroxide laying around

    You actually dont want either of those things for this experiment but if you mix the two of them together its even cooler and you just end up with salt water so theres no evidence

    The works contains sodium HYDROCHLORIDE, not hydroxide. The works contains hydrochloric acid, also called HCL. Sodium hydroxide is what is in bleach, and will not work.

    Sodium hydroxide is lye not bleach. Bleach consists of sodium hypochlorite.

    well not necicarly, "the works" has hydrogen chloride wich oxidizes the aluminom when that happens the bie-product is the gas form of hydrogen chloride wich WILL kill you. and the stuff is ver hot and acitive.

    The gas won't kill you. I did one in my room, opened the top to let the gas out before it exploded and took it to the bathroom and put water on it (it was hot). I was testing to see how much works and aluminum was needed. Anyways I took a hefty whiff of the gas that came out (not on purpose of course) and I'm still here typing this to you. I've gotten works all over my skin before and just washed it off and was fine. So in my opinion, unless you are huffing the hydrogen chloride that comes out you'll be okay. It might irritate your sinus a little, but to die from it is a little extreme.

    Ah, this proves my point.Look up hydrogen in yo encyclopedia.HYDROGEN IS NOT POISONOUS.

    HCL may not be poiseniuos but the products after the reaction are.