Here's a quick instructable (I'm keeping it only one page) along with the warnings of why you shouldn't do this....

Warning: Toxic, do not do this instructable (I think that sums it up, but feel free to add on :) )

1. The Works / Drano / Flash Cleaner (or anything with sodium hydroxide in it)
2. Aluminum Foil
3. Plastic Bottle with screw on cap

Do this outside away from people, animals, etc.
1. Place Aluminum Foil balls into the bottle.
2. Pour Cleaner into bottle (about 3/4 of the way)
3a. Shake it (optional) and run (not optional)
3b. Or you can throw it.

For better steps, follow this link (Site where I got the picture from): http://www.dubayou.com/?page_id=42

I think that just about says it all. Now you can say that you've seen this posted before (and this time it won't disappear)....

Video Credits: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=iixmadxii

Also Please do not do as the video says to do.... I only chose that video to show the variations of the said bomb...

<p>The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner no longer works for making a bomb, they changed their chemicals.... this video shows the new chemical you can use!</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foYBlDjTDbA</p>
<p>YouTuber Stephen Sharer made a works bomb (i think he used The Works)? Either way it is pretty cool and he exploded a pumpking!!!!</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-B-73MOcYo</p>
so is it the Hydrocholric acid or soduim hydroxide to look for? i think i have some sodium hydroxide laying around
You actually dont want either of those things for this experiment but if you mix the two of them together its even cooler and you just end up with salt water so theres no evidence
The works contains sodium HYDROCHLORIDE, not hydroxide. The works contains hydrochloric acid, also called HCL. Sodium hydroxide is what is in bleach, and will not work.
Sodium hydroxide is lye not bleach. Bleach consists of sodium hypochlorite.
<p>HCL + alluminuim makes a gas. You can use muratic acid (~30% HCL) from a pool shop for really quick or bigger ones.</p>
I thought this is illegal?
Your instructable here is great but the theory behind it is misguided. Works contains HCL which reacts with the aluminum to make lots of hydrogen gas and aluminum chloride. DO NOT fill it up 3/4 of the way as this would decrease the blast's energy and expanding force. Only use a small amount, three inches maybe, and that will make the blast much more powerful and loud.
it disappeared.
i tryed this with a 2ltr this weekend and it worked awesome!!! the only thing is that it works very fast.......so keep away when it goes off. i only had about 30 secs b4 it turned inside out. good luck. p.s. works better then the mre heaters
i have a theory on how to make these non-explosive gas bombs better.<br/>suppose we took a normal plastic bottle filled partially with whatever sodium hydroxide cleaner, then took either thin paper or plastic wrap with holes punched in it, and put the pieces of aluminum foil on top of the paper/plastic wrap, and stuffed it in the bottle without letting it drop into the cleaner, with the edges sticking out in such a way that when the top was screwed onto the bottle, the edges of the paper/plastic get trapped in the threads of the bottle, keeping the aluminum foil from falling into the cleaner. this would allow for slightly safer transport, and less time would be spent stuffing the aluminum into the bottle.<br/>rough image-<br/><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><br/> l AAA l - Aluminum foil<br/> l------- l- plastic wrap/paper<br/> l l<br/> l l<br/>l 000000 l - cleaner fluid<br/>l 000000 l <br/><hr/>when the time comes that you would want to induce the chemical reaction, simply turn the bottle upside down and run. the cleaner would seep through the paper/plastic wrap and react with the foil.<br/>
D: Are the fumes from this poison? I accidently melted alluminum in my bathtub.
The title of this ible is very broad and this is both good and bad . . .it'd good since it shows you how to get some awesome(in the truest sense of the word) booms but bad since the chemicals mentioned could be quite dangerous. It was mentioned below but contradicted a bunch. The works product pictured is a solution of Hydrochloric Acid. This acid will react with aluminum to make Hydrogen gas and aqueous Aluminum Chloride. Hydrogen isn't poisonous but it's important to note that it doesn't support life so you could suffocate if there's not enough air in the room in addition to the Hydrogen. . . .There's also the risk of releasing Chlorine gas if there's any reactive impurities present. Also the steam it produces is nothing to laugh at. As alluded to, Drano will also work but for different reasons. It is 90% water with sodium hydroxide aka Lye, sodium silicate aka liquid glass, and sodium hyperchlorite aka bleach. The lye and aluminum also react to produce Hydrogen gas. I'm not sure if the other ingredients do the same but if they do then other gasses may be forming too. Lye is a very strong base (not an acid as was mentioned before) but for all intents and purposes is just as dangerous as an acid (heh take a look at fight club when the main character gets Lye poured on his hand by Tyler when they were making "soap"). Again, this reaction heats up a lot, you may get some steam from the leftover lye (because no one gets the perfect mix of aluminum) which would be murderous to your lungs. Mix Drano with an acid cleaner and you could cause a reaction that releases Chlorine gas or if you mix with ammonia you get chloramines which are both toxic! Long story short: Go to your local ace hardware(unless you don't live near one) and buy some lye in its pure form to avoid the risk of killing yourself when you walk over to examine the decimated bottle! Or to make sure you're completely safe from caustic chemicals and poisonous gasses use dry ice and water . . .just wear gloves!
So, hydrogen chloride and aluminum create hydrogen gas? At least it's not chlorine gas like I thought it could be.
its best to be cautios though . . .if there's any impurities in the chemicals then something may just react and make some . . .
well i live by a shooting range (police range mainly, ha ha), its like 1/2 a mile back through the woods, so theres always gun shots, infact i hear them shootin machine guns now, so no one suspects anything around here, cuz everyones used to bangs, and i only have like 4 houses near me anyway.
I found the works at the Dollar Tree
u live in IL
which bottle makes the loudest explosion?
Gatorade bottles, because there thicker. The thicker the better. We made some of these at Boy Scout camp... *shhhh...*
haha thanks, im also doing this for a camp. i think they would like to be waken up by a series of loud explosions
if you live in nz (new zealand) a product with hydrochloric acid in it is Spirits of Salts i think
why the hell would you fill it 3/4 of the way? thats a huge waste!! it works just fine if you fill it 1/4 the way it just takes like 3 or 4 minutes
The video was removed from youtube, I never had the chance to see it. :(
Have You Ever Considered Making a Drano Powered Morter? I saw A Video On Youtube Inwhich Some Guys Launched A Brick About 40feet With a "drano-bomb" Morter.
Have you ever considered that capitalizing every word in the sentence doesn't make it any more important?
[bigpinecone] said earlier, "oh, ok do you know what the white gas is? it's wierd 'cuz it ain't flammable..." Well believe it or not, the chemical reaction between (for example) drano and aluminum creates a kind of dirty hydrogen if you will. While lighting the top of the bottle may not ignite the fumes, the gas produced is highly toxic. To ignite the gas, you would need to fill a container, say a balloon with it, then ignite the balloon. Disclaimer: You may lose all the hair on your hands and face. Then again, it could cause death (that one always seems to cover it all).
What exactly is dirty hydrogen and why is it poisonous?
That's crazy cyberpunk you must be from the future it's February 15 and your post is from the 23.
FYI - it's not caustic at all... It's a Redox reaction - makes a little heat - is probably the "safest" crazy explosive thing to do... 6 H2O + 2 Al(s) + 2 OH- --> 2 Al(OH)4-(aq) + 3 H2 (g) So it converts the drano and foil to solid Aluminum Hydroxide and a ton of Hydrogen gas. It's not the reaction that hurts people - it's sticking it in a closed container that just has got to explode! So you'll be sprayed, if you are, by a neutral'ish solution and gooey tinfoil. But the chances are you'll be sensible and be standing way away from it anyway! The coolest thing to do is stick a pipe on the top of the bottle - bubble that pipe through a hole in a bottle full of water - and fill Balloons with hydrogen gas - really safe and totally cheap way to get Hydrogen...
Question....Why put this instructable on the site when u say dont try this instructable...u think ppl r gna see this and NOT try it....its a BOMB...everyone will be doin this its fun...til sumone gets hurt...then its hilarious if they aint in hospital! lol...Happy Bomb Building New Year People!
I placed this Instructable up due to someone else whom had repeatedly posted a similar one, but it kept being taken down since they lacked any kind of warning of how dangerous this can be. Even though people may try it, I've warned them of the danger and therefore won't have their injuries/deaths on my conscience.
Me and my friends tryed it. But never do it though Because we have to go to court for it and its 2 federal charges its not worth it.
i hear this thing can leave serious chemical burns!!! lol
Is Drano some sort of a sewer cleaner? I'm from Finland so I don't really know.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drano">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drano</a><br/>
"It's all fun and games 'til someone looses an eye." - my friend who lost his eye from a Roman Candle
Then there's a new game, find the eye.. (no offense to your friend.. just a funny response I heard to that saying before)
It's all fun and games untill someone looses an eye. Then it's fun and games with poor depth perception.
it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, then it's hilarious!
It's all fun and games 'til someone loses an eye. Then it's, "Hey! Free eyeball!"
1) good job on makin this bomb...i have expiramented many a time with this sort of pressure bomb, all u need is about an inch of LOOSLEY balled up aluminum foil and just enuf works to go halfway up the almuminum...the more you have, the quicker it explodes, and you can put it all the way at the top but then you would have so much gas in there it would go so quick and then when it explodes therewill be works all over...2) of course this is dangerous but its no more dangerous than driving in you car...it has a blast area of about 2 feet,if that, and clean-up is easy...grab the bottle wherever theres no caustic substance and throw it in the trash...i actually washed out my first one and saved it...pretty fun bomb to throw in the water and watch the water fly everywhere 9/10 on this one because u only used one page...sorry
what's flash ( i'm new to instructables)
flash is draincleaner in uk
what could i substatute flash draincleaner for in the united states?
the works or draino i think
the chemical equation is… 6 H2O + 2 Al(s) + 2 OH-—> 2 Al(OH)4-(aq) + 3 H2 (g) p.s im in fifh grade

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