Step 2: The Sketch

For all of you that aren't familiar with a lot of technology terms, like myself, a program for an arduino is called a sketch. I assume that most people that are making this have already downloaded the arduino software but in case you haven't here is a link to the site where you can download it: 

Once you have downloaded the software, open it up and start a new sketch. Next,  click file, examples, digital, and blink without delay.
We are going to tweak this sketch a little. Go to the place where the sketch says "const  int ledPin=13;" and change it to say "const  int ledPin=12". That's it!
<p>it took 5 hours but i finally made it!!!!!!! thnx again man..!!! :D</p>
I just got an Arduino UNO for Christmas - it came in my stocking! :D
If you use pin 13, you don't need the resistor. Pin 13 has a resistor soldered on the arduino (100 ohm as far as i know). That's why the default blink application uses pin 13.
Thanks. I din't know that.
Nice instructable! <br>I should look at the examples included on the arduino software - I never have tried them.

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