Picture of Flashing LED dog saftey collar!
In this I show you how to make your own dog safety collar! its ideal for night walks and the occasional joy run. Sometimes my dog gets loose and decides to run the streets, my greatest fear is him getting hit by a car, and we all know most hits are caused by the driver not seeing the dog, and with this the driver would see the dog from a great distance and be more alert! 
with a few steps, electrical componets, common sense and know how you can increase your dogs safety by a mile! After a recent project that needed LEDs from an RGB strip i was left with four sections of LEDs (3 per section) and i knew i would use them just didnt think it would be this soon. The idea for a light up collar was not mine, my friend jokingly said i should make one and well i did just that. I wanted to use more than one color with out an audrino or micrcontroller so i used a 555 timer to make the colors flash instead of running a cycle. 
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Step 1: Tools and componets needed;

componets: one 555 timer, two 47k resistors and one 2.2uf capacitor and 9volt battery snap (+battery), and four sections of a rgb led strip.
Tools: soldering iron+ solder, hot glue and gun, utility knife, wire strippers
other: collar (obviously lol) 9volt battery, common sense, and a IC pcb.

Step 2: 555 timer schematic.

Picture of 555 timer schematic.
I will be doing a step by step for soldering the circuit to a pcb but i do advise you to breadboard this circuit before soldering.

Step 3: Step by step for soldering the IC and its componets. First step.

look at the top of the pictures for the order of the steps.  (left to right) 

note that leg 3 and 5 havent been touched. leg 5 has no connection and  leg 3 is the output to the LED strip sections. dont solder anything to that leg yet.