Introduction: Flashing a Meraki / Accton / Fonero With OpenWRT Using Linux

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This instructable will show you how to flash your Meraki / Accton / Fonero hardware with OpenWRT Linux using a Linux PC.

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Step 1: Download the Software and Set Permissions

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Run the following commands from a terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wget
chmod +x easyflash
chmod +x flash

Step 2: Set Up for Flashing

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Plug in your Unit (meraki/accton/fonero) to your Ethernet LAN port on your computer using a CAT5e straight through cable (8P8C).

Type (from the directory where the files are located):

ifconfig eth0 up

(note: If your unit is NOT connected to eth0, modify
the file flash accordingly, it should be eth0 but you can check by
issuing ifconfig)

Step 3: Let the Flashing Begin!

Picture of Let the Flashing Begin!

Plug in the unit to power.

You should see something like this displayed:

No packet
No packet
Peer MAC: 00:18:84:80:67:1C (this will be the MAC address of your router)
You MAC: 00:ba:be:ca:ff:ee
Your IP:
Setting IP address...
Loading rootfs...
Sending rootfs. 6400 blocks...
Initializing partiions...
Rootfs partition size now 0x006f0000
Flashing rootfs...
Loading Kernel...
Sending kernel, 1536 blocks...
Flashing Kernel...
Setting boot_script_data...

Done. Restarting device...

Go get lunch. This will take 15-30 minutes, depending upon the flash
chip speed in your router. DO NOT INTERRUPT!

When it is done, the window will show Done.


am111 (author)2013-02-09

Hey which router model is that? i had one at some point..but forgot the name

fatboy07 (author)2012-06-26

I would like to flash my DIR-300 A.1 to DDWRT build 14311, can you help how? Im using UBUNTU. Thanks in advance!

Computothought (author)2010-04-28

I have installed openwrt on a pc and on fry's fr54rtr (aka d-link dir-300) router. Very interesting. Instructables like this help a lot.

kindfreak (author)2009-12-30

do you have any advice on how to use windows for this same action ?

williamruckman (author)kindfreak2009-12-31

Try this software for windows:


Ptr_V_2 (author)2009-01-21

This is great, been trying to get OpenWRT on my fon Movimiento without success, until this Instructables. Thanks. Just one "change", I had to edit: sudo ./easyflash eth0 openwrt-atheros-2.6-root.jffs2-64k openwrt-atheros-2.6-vmlinux.gz to sudo ./easyflash eth0 openwrt-atheros-root.jffs2-64k openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.gz in the flash file Thanks again.

williamruckman (author)Ptr_V_22009-01-22

Glad I could help, and glad you could help with that small error I had in the flash file. I originally had that file set up for flashing R.O.B.I.N. mesh firmware to them and forgot to modify it for openwrt. It is fixed now. Good catch!

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