Flashlight 50W 3V





Introduction: Flashlight 50W 3V

In this case I built a flashlight with a 50W 3V LED

I get the LED recicling a damaged LED 50W 36V. To convert the LED from 36V to 3V is here.

Step 1: Mounting the LED

First get parts: An aluminum heat sink, dissipating cream and an old flashlight.

I installed the LED by drilling holes on the heat sink, put some dissipating cream and fasten with screws. I made other holes for the wires.

Step 2: Installing the Battery Positive Contact

Solder a spring on a perforated plate project, then I soldered a pins that will support the contact.

I cut the plate and subjected to pressure in the heat sink, then soldered the red wire. This wire go to the +

Step 3: Installing the Base of the Flashlight

I used an old flashligt base and cut It to fit in the guides of heat sink. I made a hole to pass the black wire.

As the chassis lamp is aluminum is enough that the cable do contact to close the circuit.

I added a bit of superglue to secure the base.

Step 4: Using My New Flashlight

As you can see, the flashlight lights up pretty well. I used a 3.7V 2000 mA rechargeable battery.

It stays on approximately 1 hour more less ;)



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    Nice, but you probably need some active cooling (fan) at that power, no? Also, your battery is 7.4 Wh, so it cannot do 50 W for one our. Most likely you are only getting around 7 W of power on the LEDs (which explains why the LED did not overheat without active cooling).