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If you have read my other business card instructables, you will know what this is all about - make a business card that is useful, or that people really don't want to throw away, and you have a successful piece of advertising. This is a variation on my previous flashlight card, but made to look a bit more flash, and to be easier to construct - no PCB needed for this one - just some self-adhesive copper tape. The finished design costs less than a dollar to make, and they are simple enough to make up a small batch of these in an hour or two.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
  • One CR2032 battery (I got them for about 16 cents on ebay when I bought 100)
  • Two blank PVC ID cards (Again, I got these for about 16 cents - find a specialised ID card printing store on the web near you - I used www.digitalid.co.uk)
  • One 3mm High-intensity white LED (Ebay again! I got 100 for about $16, so 16 cents each again!)
  • Some double-sided foam adhesive tape (I got mine from an office supply store for a couple of dollars - you just need tape that is thicker than the battery you are using - mine was 4.5mm thick)
  • Some self-adhesive copper tape (Ebay! Mine cost a few dollars for a long roll of 1 inch thick tape, and I cut it into thinner strips, but you could also buy the thinner version)

You will also need a soldering iron (plus solder), a cutting knife, some spray adhesive, and a way of printing the front of your card - you can use a colour laser or inkjet. I printed on paper and laminated it, but have had success before with printing in reverse on OHP transparency film which can look good as well.
Wouldn't the copper tape hit the battery while in a pocket, causing it to stay on even when you don't want it to?
tomward (author)  Adambowker983 years ago
The foam is thicker than the battery so it doesn't work unless you've squeezed it. I see from your other comment that you've found the UV version which is a later (and simpler) version of the same basic design that doesn't need soldering so I would recommend it over this older instructable - you can of course still choose any colour LED you want.
ppatches245 years ago
cool i like am am going to make one for my dad bisness
( i am a bad speller haha)
good job :)
crashbash5 years ago
nice, its getting rarer and rarer to find creative people in today's culture. but your definatly one of them! (i know i cant spell definatly right :) )
nice business cards there dude. keep up the good work!
ill second that
<------ look!! new icon!
uhm.. thanks? O_o
Lftndbt6 years ago
Decided to spruse up works giftcards... So much better... (Don't worry, just mucking around. Not showing them either. Just for personal fun.)
tomward (author)  Lftndbt6 years ago
Cool ... nice work!
i read that they have like credit cards and stuff that can do all sorts of things now --- wireless payment, fingerprint reader......................
Grey_Wolfe6 years ago
I'd just like to say that I really enjoy your business card Instructables. They are creative and unique. Thanks for the ideas.
xgen997 years ago
I have started a parts box not too long ago and I found a CR2032 battery in it O_O I have two of them cause in the picture when I seen the back of it i am just like Hey.... I think I have a battery like that!
jmengel7 years ago
Current limit resistor needed? The card goes in the bin if the LED burns out.
tomward (author)  jmengel7 years ago
This design is self-limiting - with the voltage drop of the LED comparable to the cell voltage, as the current drawn increases, so does the voltage drop of the LED, limiting the current to around 10-15mA tops (LEDs are generally rated for around 20mA). You would need a resistor If you replaced it with just about any other colour (maybe with the exception of blue, which has a high drop as well). The disadvantage is that the light is not very bright, but it won't burn out. If you want a bright version, add a second cell in series, and stick in a resistor.
Smart idea. Dont count on that card being thrown in the other pile of business cards.
Very Cool! Great Instructable!
codongolev7 years ago
you spelled "forensics" wrong.
tomward (author)  codongolev7 years ago
Looks OK to me........................... (Isn't Photoshop useful!.... :)
~~ forensics was spelled "forenics". he went back and changed the picture. I mean, nothing was ever wrong.
Lftndbt7 years ago
This what I was waiting for after your Dot matrix I'ble. I knew how to make these yet wanted to see your though. Nice job!! I will be making up a batch of atleast 100 very soon. Thanks for the inspiration!
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
looks very cheap(to make)!
BrianKT7 years ago
That's awesome! Also would be great to keep in your pocket as a mini flashlight.
Kiteman BrianKT7 years ago
That, I believe, is the point. Cardboard business cards end up in the bin and forgotten, but useful business cards stay close at hand, constantly reminding the user about your business.