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That's a useful trick for your flashlight ... Im new on instructables so if you like my work I try to make it better. Enjoy! P.S. Cut 1.8 meter of paracord for that.


Miss415 made it! (author)2015-09-21

Thank you! I was able to make this handle for my Sabre Stun Gun/ flash light & came out great! It came with a cheap flimsy holster that fell apart first time I wore it. I carry this as one of my forms of protection when walking dogs- especially at night- mainly for coyotes- I wouldn't need to ever stun them, just the crackling sound & lights are scary enough for them to stay far away from me while walking littles. I had to do one less wrap around at the beginning to the buttons were not partially covered.

vemven made it! (author)2015-01-22

This is the what I came up with from your photos.. I think it turned out fairly well

dsantil71 (author)2014-02-03

I like all the pictures but written instructions would help too. I'm really interested in this project.

Razzvan (author)dsantil712014-02-04

Ok my friend! I can make some written instructions but my english isn't best...

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