Screwdriver Flashlight





Introduction: Screwdriver Flashlight

Everyone who is reading this now had been troubles with the holes where the screws are. Maybe the illumination is bad or might both of your hands are holding something. But whatever happens you can´t take a light or a torch. This project will support you on those moments of desesperation. Keep on reading and you finally can see which screwdriver use in every moment. Turn the lights on!

Step 1: Materials

This instructable is very cheap and some stuff can be recycled:

- 1 High Brighness LED
- 2 1,5v button battery
- 2 1,5v button battery holder from a old toy
- 1 switch from a old toy
- 1 circuit board or PCB from other projects because its a small piece
- 1 bottle top obbiusly where found it
- 1 piece of cork (optional)


- Soldering iron
- Power drill
- Scissors

Step 2: Prepare the Materials

Cut the circuit board like a circle.
Remove the battery holders and the switch from the toy.
Check that the cicuit board fix in the bottle top. If not, you can use scissors or sand paper.
Drill the bottle top and the circuit board.
For secure the grip of the flashlight to the screwdriver use a piece of cork.

Step 3: Sold the Circuit

This is a basic circuit with two batteries in series, a switch and a LED. Follow the scheme bellow if you're lost.

Step 4: Put All Together

Insert all the pieces into the screwdriver.

Step 5: Finish

And thats all! I swear it will be useful for you.

You have some examples bellow.

Sorry for the low quality of the video.



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Shouldn't it be a "Screwdriver Flashlight"? The title seemed to imply a screwdriver made from or made for a flashlight as opposed to a flashlight made for a screwdriver.

You may be right, Im changin it. Thanks