Step 8: Finished Badge

Then just slide your circuit board into the cover and you have the finished flashlight tag badge. There are of course, any number of other applications for a light sensitive buzzer--intruder alert for a room, cookie jar security alarm--use your imagination and have fun with it.
<p>I like your solution to mounting the button cells. it has always been an issue with my projects (many times I've resorted to taping the wires to the cells and hoping they won't work loose.</p>
Electrical tape will hold it together pretty well because it is stretchy.
Nice!! I wanna build some for me and my friends. <br> <br>But i got i Question, is it possible that in your picture with the circuite, you made a mistake with the left resistor?? There is a 1k resistor, but in your To-buy-List you wrote 10k resistor?? <br> <br>I try your Plan with an Simulator and its only work with a 10k Resistor....
The 10k resistor is correct. I will fix the schematics as soon as I get a chance.

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