Introduction: Flask Candleholder

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Reuse a old flasks to create some good looking candle holders, to creat the right atmosphere.
Great for Halloween, theme parties, normal life and LARP.
I will be using it at the Inn at the local LARP campaign.

Step 1: Matrials

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Its really very simple, you will need a
- clean flask (glass or ceramic), preferably a heavy one or one with a wide bottom, to make it stand better.
- candlesticks (several), alternativly you can use coloured hotglue
- a lighter or matchstick (or some sort of fire)

Step 2: Lets Start Dripping

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You place the candle in the flask, light it and let it burn down, while dripping candlewax all over the flask.
Its a good idea to place the flask on something the candle may drip on, cause it will drip.
If you want to, you can remove edicete on the flask like I did, but its optinal depending on the look you are going for.
Once candle is burned down you take a new candle and do the same thing.
If you want more viraty you can use candle sticks of different colours.

Keep doing this untill its looks like you want it too.

Note: If you want to speed up the process, you can put more candles close togeather, making it melt faster.

Candlewax is unfortunately not very flexible and might brake off over time.
Aternativly you can use coloured hotglue and a hotgluegun.

Step 3: Finished Candleholder

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Your candleholder is done and ready to use.
Remember not to tear the candlewax off, over time it will become even stronger.

Note: to make it even stronger from the start you could give it a layer of "glue varnish".


ThirdEarthDesign (author)2017-05-16

These look really good, very effective.

mrsmerwin (author)2017-04-09

My parents had an old wine bottle that they used like this. It was old and well used. There was probably more wax drips than glass. I loved all the colors. I think I will make one.

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