What you need

s4s (surface four side) piece or of wood (length will vary on the size of your frame)
scrap block wood
Clamp (TechShop)
Table saw  (TechShop)
Chop Saw (TechShop)
wood glue
Strap clamp
45 degree table saw jig
¼ backing board (Masonite)
 ¼piece of glass
Point Drive with inserts

Making flat frame is harder than you think. The miters have to be perfect or you will see the gaps in the counters. I just started making them and with everyone I’m getting a little better.

The frame is only miter together, with end grain to grain. This is not a strong joint. You want to make the joint stronger. There are a few opinions, adding splines, nail gun, add biscuits, dovetail keys or half-lap miters. These are just some ways you can add strength to the miter joint. Depending on the way you want to you strengthen your miter, it may alter a few of these steps.

Step 1: Ripping and Cutting Out Notch

I ripped the wood down to 3 inches wide on the table saw. Now I have two pieces wood are cut to same size. I like to cut down the piece to about the size that they are going to be on the chop saw. 

The glass has to set somewhere; we are going to cut this out a notch with the table saw. When you are detriment the depth of the cut, need glass and a backer board to fit, with tabs to keeps the glass in place. I run the vertical cut 1st, raise the blade up to about ¾ high and set the fence. This will change with each frame. Run each one of the board thru. You have just made a rabbit. Lower the blade and move the fence over to cut the out the rest.

I love your 45deg jig ... I have seen the same on the Woodworking For Mere Mortals channel. I'll do that for sure for my next project. Thanks for sharing.
Nice thorough instructable, I love the simple ones. Can't get better than a well cut mitre :)

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