Finding a costume for any occasion can be extremely difficult. Some may not like to buy into the idea of Halloween turning into a holiday for the benefit of corporations, others may be opposed to the throw-away nature of the holiday, and many may just want an original home made costume. This costume was the result of a school project. The students designed and built marine themed costumes out of cardboard. The costumes are cost-effective and "green." Each group was required to choose a theme for their line of costumes. This squid costume was created for a line of invertebrate costumes.

Design Brief:
         To design and build a marine-themed, cardboard costume for middle school children. This costume must be of slotted construction and not use adhesives or fasteners.

- Must be cardboard
- Must fit middle school children
- Must use slotted construction
- Must be marine themed
- Must be environmentally-friendly
- Must be useable both indoors and outdoors with minimal adult supervision
- Must be able to assemble and disassemble relatively quickly

- Must be made of cardboard
- Must not use fasteners or adhesives

Supply List
S1        Cardboard 2-ply                    2    6’x 3’ Used for panels
S2        Cardboard- Tri-wall              1     2’x’2 Used for connectors

Tools and Equipment list
ITEM         TOOL                                                    USE
T1       CUTTING MAT                  Protective surface for cutting on                                                             
T2     UTILITY KNIFE                             Cutting Cardboard
T3            RULER                      Measuring distances and dimensions  
T4            PENCIL                   Sketching and Tracing shapes to be cut out       
T5   CIRCLE TEMPLATE                         To draw circles
          OR COMPASS

Step 1: Part P1: Front Panel

1. Draw Squid shape using pencil (T4) onto cardboard (S1.)
2. Cut out shape using Utility Knife (T2) on Cutting Mat (T1.)
3. Trace face hole and connector slots onto shape using pencil (T4.)
4. Cut out face hole and connector slots using Utility Knife (T2) on Cutting Mat (T1.)

<p>awesome flat pack assembly project!<br>really cute</p>

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