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The purpose of this costume is for a school project. The main idea is to create a marine themed costume using only cardboard and flat-pack construction. The costumes are either going to be worn for Halloween or a school play. The costumes are for middle school aged children. The Octopus that I designed is from a line of costumes related to the movie Finding Nemo. The group decided that these costumes would be for a play.

Design Brief: Design and develop a marine themed costume using only cardboard and slotted construction.

- double-ply or single-ply cardboard
- fit middle school aged child
- slotted construction
- flat pack design
- resemble marine organism

- recycled cardboard only
- able to be worn as stage costume

- 2 pieces of 2'6'' x 3'
- 8 pieces of 1' x 2'

-cutting mat
-utility knife

Step 1:

Using a ruler (T3)  measure 2'6" x 3 FT rectangle onto a piece of cardboard (S1)

Step 2:

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Using a pencil (T4) draw the measurements onto the cardboard (S1)

Step 3:

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Cut out the cardboard (S1) using a utility knife (T2) on top of a cutting mat

Step 4:

Measure with a ruler (T3) 3" up from the bottom

Step 5:

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On top of the cutting mat (T1) make four 5" cuts using utility knife (T2) evenly placed on the cardboard (S1)

Step 6:

Measure with ruler (T3) 3" in from the edge, on both sides

Step 7:

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Using utility knife (T2) on top of cutting mat (T1) cut up half way on both sides and cut off 4 1/2" off the bottom

Step 8:

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At the top, measure with ruler (T3) 3" down and 5" across

Step 9:

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Cut in a semi circle using a utility knife (T2) on top of a cutting mat (T1)

Step 10:

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If needed, cut arm holes using utility knife (T2) on top of cutting mat (T1)

Step 11:

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Take the second piece of big cardboard:

Follow steps 1-6 from previous slides

Step 12:

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Using utility knife (T2) on top of cutting mat (T1) cut down half way and cut away 4 1/2" from the bottom

Step 13:

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Take smaller piece of cardboard:

Using ruler (T3) measure and draw with a pencil (T4) 6" x 1' rectangle onto cardboard (S2)

Repeat this step eight times

Step 14:

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Using pencil (T4) draw tentacle shape on cardboard (S2)

Step 15:

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Cut out shape with scissors

Step 16:

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Score along flap and fold back

Step 17:

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- 8 tentacles
- 1 body piece (front)
- 1 body piece (back)

Insert each flap of the body (P2) into each flap of the body (P3) that was cut up half way and down half way into each other. Fold inside the body pieces so that the flaps are not showing

Step 18:

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Insert each tentacle (P1) itno the slits on the body piece

Step 19:

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Now you can wear this costume on any stage as an octopus!


BartholomewH (author)2015-05-29

A flat pack assembly of a cardboard octopus?? Seriously? :DD
Of all knock down ideas laying around here this is one of the things I would never expect finding. Really made my day here!

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