Flat Pack Pooltable





Introduction: Flat Pack Pooltable

Pool tables are know to be extremely heavy, so I challenged myself to make a flat packed pool table.

I made it out of cardboard, a very light and cheap material!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

For this project you’ll need:

- Cutter

- Lath

- Tape measure

- Wood Glue

- Pencil

- Panty

- 6 plates of cardboard (2600mm x 1200mm x 10mm)

Step 2: Bottom Part

We start by making the bottom part. Take a cardboard plate and cut out the dimensions.

It is important that you cut out the red part.

Step 3: Legs

Next we’ll make the legs, these will be placed under the bottom sheet.

Out of one plate you can make two legs. It’s important that you only cut half into the plate, so you can fold it easy. You can use the green and blue line as a reference. The green line needs to be cut at the frond and the blue line at the back. Please note that it is important that you gently cut into the cardboard. Then attach your legs to the bottom surface and see if

they fit.

Step 4: Triangular Connection

Then continue with the sides. The dimensions to follow are 200mm x 1950mm and 1050mm x 200mm. Hereafter we’ll attach the sides with a triangular connection. It is important that you use enough glue to make sure it stays secure. Make sure that the triangular connections don’t cover up the holes.

Step 5: Cut and Glue

Now we can continue by cutting the upper parts. Below you’ll find the dimensions on how to cut these parts. The borders of the playing field are made out of four layers of cardboard that are glued together. Trim this border till it matches the holes. Hereafter you can fit the upper part.

Step 6: Connect and Play

At least we’ll connect the upper part with the lower part.

When you have done this, make sure you let the glue cure long enough.

Install the legs and you can start playing!



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    maybe you can add the railing beneath so the balls ou5 cime in the same place!

    i like it, That's A great pool table

    whats the chances of getting DXF files for this?

    I love it - but how is this flatpack if you glue it together?

    I would make 1 addition, attaching felt to the Play Plate for a more "authentic" pool table feel.

    I like it. It would be cool if you didn't have to use glue and could reflatten it to put away