Introduction: Flat Pen

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This is a fun way to make a compact pen that is customized.

Step 1: Materials

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-Duck Tape
-Cheap Pen
-Napkin/Paper Towel

Step 2: Pull Out the Ink

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Use your pliers to pull the ink out of the pen. Hold the plastic part with the pliers. Have a napkin ready just in case the ink leaks, if it does don't use it.

Step 3:

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You can then slide that blue thing off.

Step 4: Measure

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Measure your pen and then cut the duck tape to fit. You can use a roll or sheet of duck tape. Make it long enough so you can fold it over length wise.

Step 5:

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Stick your pen on the duck tape and fold it over and stick it together.

Step 6: Measure the Cap

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Next you will need to make a cap for your pen. Use your pen to measure a piece of duck tape but again make it long enough to fold over length wise.

Step 7: Cut the Duck Tape

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Once you have cut the duck tape, cut a piece of paper the same length but make it thinner than the strip of duck tape. Next stick the piece of paper on the strip of duck tape and then fold it over and stick the sides together.

Step 8:

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Put the cap on the pen. Your Flat Pen is complete!


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