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When you aren't watching ESPN you can enjoy a piece of beautiful modern art and keep your flat screen tv dust free and safe. This is an easy project that amounts to turning a piece of art into a fitted sheet to attach to your tv. The tv is the focal point of so many living rooms; why not make it beautiful?

I'm entering this in the Sew Useful contest because it's useful not only to beautify your tv but also to promote marital harmony. I think a husband (or wife) considering getting a flat screen against the wishes of their spouse should consider investing in this TV cover. After all, what's $30 when you're spending thousands on a tv?

The tv cover pictured fits a 40 inch Sony Bravia and is for sale at my etsy shop here: .

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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
Flat screen tv (wall mounted works great)
A piece of canvas or duck cloth (something sturdy) as large as your tv
Heavyweight fusible interfacing--large enough piece to cover the front of your tv (optional)
Fabric scraps to make your design
Fusible webbing (different from interfacing, this is "sticky" on both sides when ironed--Heat'n'Bond is an excellent brand for this project)
Approximately 1 yard of cotton fabric for edges (depends on the size of your tv)
Enough 1/4 inch elastic to wrap around the perimeter of your tv

Sewing machine

Step 2: Measure and cut

Picture of Measure and cut
tv add interfacing.jpg
Measure your tv carefully and add 1/2 inch to each dimension for seam allowance. (if your tv is 20 inches by 30 inches, your final measurement would be 20.5 inches by 30.5 inches)

Carefully cut your piece of duck cloth to this dimension making certain it is square.

If desired to add stiffness, iron the heavyweight fusible interfacing to the back piecing as needed to make a single thickness layer.
GlennT17 months ago

Nice one! There is also another cheap alternative TV Dust Cover I found in Amazon. It's manufactured by Computer Dust Solutions. This dust cover is made of durable yet flexible modern copolymers, this TV cover slips over the top of your flat panel TV for unrivaled protection. Guards against dust, moisture, static, oils, paints, children, pets and more. It is also available in several sizes. Please check

th3analogkid11 months ago

I like the use of patterns to blend the TV into the background when not in use. For a TV mounted outside you need a fabric that was designed for outdoor use like Sunbrella. Look at for ideas.

tomcollins2 years ago
I like this one: functional fun.
Another nice option to protect you TV from kids is to use one of these TV Covers from 
bhankerd5 years ago
You may also want to check out:

They have indoor and outdoor tv covers specifically for flat panel televisions.
jamwius5 years ago
For Fine Art TV Covers check out Affordable, large selection, no tools needed for install
I saw something like this on TV a few years ago, except it was just a piece of plain fabric with a few patterns and a lot of holes, which looked really cool when the T.V was on.
shooby6 years ago
Nice work. I might make one of these (but altered slightly) for when I get an LCD monitor.
Punkguyta7 years ago
What happened to just getting the ol swiffer out?
Swiffer's are lame. Dust scratches optical surfaces, reducing the optical quality of them. And swiffers are lame.
That is really nice looking. I think I'll have to make one of these when my boyfriend and I eventually upgrade our TV. I hate staring at it all the time. :P
It looks better turned on.
meerar7 years ago
that is a really nice piece of work. took me back to childhood days in india when all the tvs had sometimes beautiful, lacy covers or sometimes just tacky plastic ones. it is a good idea to cover your tv to prevent it from getting dusty. your method is also a means to express ones artistry.