Flat Soda Freezer Pops


Introduction: Flat Soda Freezer Pops

I'd bought a box of root beer flavored freezer pops. Then they were gone.  I stared at the empty plastic pouches, wishing I'd bought more, when I realized that they could be refilled.  I looked in the refrigerator for some suitable liquids to make freezer pops with.  With no great expectations I decided to try refilling the little empty freezer pouches with some soda pop that had gone flat.  I was very surprised to find that flat soda pop makes some excellent freezer pops! 

I first rinsed out the pouches and saved them in the freezer, until I was ready to refill them.  Since I didn't have a funnel that small, I made one from the box the pops came in. Just cut out a rectangle of cardboard, twist it into a cone and tape it. Then it's easy to fill the pouches. Leave an inch or so headspace.  I used a clothespin to pin the tops shut, then carefully stood them upright in the freezer.  If you're very very careful, you don't even need to pin the tops shut. Just stand them up so they can freeze without spilling.

So the next time a pop gets left sit, don't dump it out, make some of the tastiest freezer pops you will ever have from FLAT SODA POP!



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    Great idea... and don't forget to hide them from the Freezer Pop Thief this time! ;-D

    2 replies

    It was me. I took them. It was me, all along.

    lol... I sorta thought so... just didn't want to point any fingers. ;-D

    You saved ice-pop pouches and froze them after rinsing them which keeps them from developing bacteria/mold. You made a funnel from the box the pops came in. And you used soda pop that most of us would have dumped out because it was flat. Sacred bovine! Most awesome use and re-use of disposable items EVER!

    I bow to you in all of your glory and subscribe to your post. Oh, and I voted for you, too. :D

    1 reply

    Gosh n golly, thanks! Now I feel all smiley and stuff... :)