Introduction: Flat Soda? Not Anymore!

Save your soda from going flat. The last drink will be as good as the 1st, even with 2 or 3 liter drinks!


RukaY1 made it! (author)2014-09-02

You should use fizz saver!!!!!!!! This save fizz perfectly and costs only $5. more info. here:

david.huttlin (author)2014-08-27

After reading all the comments and instructions, it seems like it would be so much easier and cost effective to just throw out the flat soda and go buy a new one. It will be not only fully carbonated, but cold and refreshing as well.

djdole (author)2013-07-02

I suggest getting a mini Co2 tire inflator (cartridges are pretty cheap each).
Use that instead of a compressor or pump (which will both just compress the bottle with atmospheric air, including dust and bacteria).
Using the cartridge will allow you to keep your soda/pop arguably more sterile, and additionally will re-carbonate with Co2 (regular AIR doesn't dissolve into liquids as readily).

djdole (author)djdole2013-07-02

Also... many home-brew stores have this exact same item already made professionally.
Some are cheap/reasonable, some are expensive.
This though is a great how-to, in case you don't have a cost-effective homebrew store near you... ;-D

surfinfreak9000 (author)2012-09-21

OKAY!!!! This doesnt work. For those of you who tried and got flat soda still, here is why. It deals with chemistry in the respect of Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures. Initially your soda comes with a certain amount of CO2 that is dissolved into the liquid soda. When you open the cap, some of that CO2 releases from the liquid into the atmosphere. You drink some, with some soda left. You cap it, and as the soda sits, the CO2 left within the liquid releases and fills in the space above and slightly pressurizes the system. Now the problem with adding just air is that air has different solubility properties than CO2, therefore you are simply pressurizing the volume of gas above the soda, not the soda itself. This is why it still is flat upon reopening the bottle. The only way you can recarbonate your soda is to completely remove all the air from the system when you recap the bottle, then add CO2 only. This will recarbonate the soda, although not to the extent that it is when you first buy it. As you add pressure to the system by adding gas, and only the one gas (CO2) is involved, the gas becomes more soluble in the liquid soda, thus carbonating it. Different gasses have different solubility properties. Air isnt the same as CO2. Thus this technique will not work.

djdole (author)surfinfreak90002013-07-02

True, it won't recarbonate, but ANY pressure will help slow the loss of the Co2 that is already dissolved in the soda.
You're right though that using regular AIR isn't ideal. Best results would be to use a Co2 cartridge to pressurize it. (The same cartridges used for bike tires are used for portable beer Co2 systems.)

jacobbrunberg (author)2012-05-20

long time no coment, but i will use this $1 for 3 leader $5 for a 12 pack

woody558 (author)2009-05-25

Can I use this to make seltzer water?

jacobbrunberg (author)woody5582012-05-20


spark master (author)2010-12-21

I bought for about 3 bucks a cap with a pump and just screw it on and pump it. Does not taste like black butyl rubber, yeck. But it like this probably will make soda taste flat in the end. You are pumping a lot of non CO2 gas into the bottle, it permeates the soda and it still taste flat . What was nifty though was my friend (as a kid) did this to a water pistol and made a pressurized squirt gun before pump up water guns were made. He was a diabetic and used syringes. What a hoot.

teebradford (author)2009-11-16

Do you have to take the cap off before you pour or does the cola somehow go through the cap?

paravou (author)teebradford2010-01-25

I would venture to say take the lid off.

paravou (author)2010-01-25

Good Idea I will have to try it some time.
  BTW I don't see all the fuss about the nails some people just naturally have fast growing strong nails. Jealousy is they only reason I can see for fussing about it.
 Of course having nails like that has its drawbacks as well, like breaking the nail clippers ( my husband has strong nails like this and has broken nail clippers before). anyways thank you for the instructable.

woody558 (author)2009-06-01

Mine tasted like rubber and didn't carbonate. Any tips?

Howie_D (author)woody5582009-06-01

I made mine of the metal valve stem. I've never had a taste issue with it.

woody558 (author)2009-05-27

mine is rubber. will this work?

Howie_D (author)woody5582009-05-27

A rubber valve stem will not let you 'bolt' the tire stem to the cap. It would be aggrivating.

woody558 (author)2009-05-25

Where did you get the tire valves?

Howie_D (author)woody5582009-05-25

Any autoparts store

woody558 (author)2009-05-25

Mine doesn't have the washer or the nut. Is this okay?

Howie_D (author)woody5582009-05-25

The washer you can do without... The nut is needed to screw the vavle stem to the top.

woody558 (author)2009-05-25

Why can't you use a short cap?

Howie_D (author)woody5582009-05-25

The short cap will not fit the theads on a two liter bottle. Thanks for watching! :)

bobhill125 (author)2008-12-28

thats rude D6U4

iBurn (author)2008-11-22

Or you could just drop a chunk of dry ice in and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

egriff (author)iBurn2008-11-22

don't use too much though or you'll shake, shake, shake, boom

iBurn (author)egriff2008-11-22

Yeeeaaaahhhh....I just was bored so I threw a chunk in some sunny-D and then I would shake it up and when I opened it POOF! Smoke ring =P

goldienin (author)2008-10-21

Great idea and instructions are very easy to follow. Well done. Thanks

All Damsel, No Distress (author)2008-09-13

THANK YOU! I can almost always find 2 liter bottles on sale and cheaper than a 12 pack of cans! Can't wait to try this!

Glad you find it useful! :)

aliceownsj00 (author)2008-09-09

i lol'd

deadboltz (author)2008-08-28

hey could I fill a bottle with just air only and use it fire stuff? thanks chris

Howie_D (author)deadboltz2008-08-28

I have put 100psi in the bottle with it 1/4 full of water. It will hold the pressure!

Sandisk1duo (author)2008-08-24

does this re-carbonate your drinks too?

Howie_D (author)Sandisk1duo2008-08-25

It just prevents the carbonation from leaking out of the soda between drinks. It works extremely well!

Sandisk1duo (author)Howie_D2008-08-25

ya, but it would be extremely annoying to to re-pressurize the drink after each time you open it

g-dub (author)Sandisk1duo2008-08-26

I guess it depends on how much you love your cola! :)

Sandisk1duo (author)g-dub2008-08-26

true, might as well re-pressurize with CO2

g-dub (author)2008-08-26

good idea! I like to keep things fresh...if you know what I mean

greeenpro (author)2008-08-23

Cool concept. Isn't this a video about soda? You'd think it was a poll on whether or not this guy should trim his nails.. :) Who cares?

Yep, I think these how-to's need to be viewed by some people: The "be nice" comment policy Staying on subject Manners and lack there of...

wibrle (author)2008-08-26

Cool, thanks for sharing

degroof (author)2008-08-26

Nice. I've been doing something similar using icemaker tubing, inline valves and a CO2 tank. I might have to try a tire valve instead.

jeff-o (author)2008-08-25

Is there any danger of oil from the compressor being introduced into the soda?

Howie_D (author)jeff-o2008-08-25

Not at all. Normally I use a small hand pump to add the pressure back to the bottle. I just used the tire inflator to show how well the bottle holds the pressure.

johnnyBgood (author)2008-08-23

Love the Idea. I buy 3 liters and they taste flat half way through. I'm sold. Thank you for the clip.

Exocet (author)2008-08-23

Love the idea, but... For the love of... something.... trim your fingernails!!

Howie_D (author)Exocet2008-08-23

Sorry, but I can't... It's hard to pluck 6 strings on the acoustic guitar without these nails. I'm right handed and my son is a lefty so it helps to have them on both hands. no-wat-I-mean? :)

Rockerx (author)Howie_D2008-08-23

You don't use a pick?

Howie_D (author)Rockerx2008-08-23

I do sometimes, but I prefer to play Classical gas or spanish music. It's all good, just my prefrence.

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