This simple, paper, "Charlie Brown" christmas tree was made with square, black, paper envelopes and old calendars.

Step 1: Materials

- black square paper
- coloured paper
- tape
- ruler
- scissors
- pen

*For my tree I used square black envelopes (5" x 5") that I had laying around and old art calendars (7" x 7") for the hearts.

Paper Alternatves (cut into squares):
- origami paper
- card stock
- newspaper
- old magazines
one could alson make origami balls of silver or gold wrapping paper
one could use printouts of family for the origami hearts
What a great idea! If you replace those black squares that represent the area of the trunk with some more ornaments, it'll make a perfect Christmas Countdown calendar!<br />
Way to save space and reuse materials. We're making a wall tree for our store as well. Good job!
That's awesome!&nbsp; I'd love to see a pic of it!<br />

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