I decided to make a functional, life-size, flat-pack chair using a laser cutter.  As laser cutting and materials are expensive and the process can be time-consuming I wanted to make a small-scale model first in order to make sure that there is minimal wastage.


·      wood

·      wire



small pliers

·      laser cutter

·      Adobe Illustrator CS4


Step 1: Designing

I started by making sketches of possible designs.  While designing the chair I had to keep in mind the size limitations of the pieces as the laser cutter I would be using can only cut material up to 2” x 3”.  Once I chose the sketch that I would use for my final design I took a quick photo of the sketch so that I could trace it in Adobe Illustrator.   
<p>Flat pack furniture is a huge passion of mine. It would be really useful to have the .ai furniture deign files. Lovely flat pack chair (at least for what I can see from over here)</p>

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