For our school we had to make a flat pack product. After a whole proces I came to this idea, namely a flat pack bread box. You can see the whole process on http://bytebierjayflatpack.blogspot.be/ .

The flat pack bread box is made for using in a camper, a caravan/trailer or a boat. Obviously you can also use it at home. The nowadays bread box takes quite a lot of space. I wanted a strong reduction of these bread box, so it would be effective in use as in stow away.

Step 1: Needs

  • Bamboo plate / cutting board
  • Organic Cotton cloth 1 meter by 1
  • Additional wooden plate (no matter what) to make a template+ wooden boards
  • 8 screws;
  • Milling machine + milling head (diameter 24 millimeter)
  • Saw machine
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Aluminum wire, length 3 m, diameter of the wire is 2 millimeter
  • A screw driver
<p>Cool idea, and it turned out very nice :)</p>

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