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Introduction: Flat Security System With GSM Alarm

i would like to build flat alarm with gsm calling warning to my mobile phone. I read some topic about alarm working this way, but i could not find this concrete schema.
My components:
1.) Building kit of Alarm station  http://www.sos.sk/?str=371&artnum=9627
2.) Motion senzor PIR lx 39  http://www.emos.sk/zbozi/1454001100-pohybove-cidlo-%28pir%29-lx39-biele
3.) Mobile GSM phone (Nokia 6310)
4.) Mobile charger.

The alarm should work:
Motion senzor gives the signal when the flat will be disturbed. The signal goes through the alarm station to phone, and then make quick call to warn me on my mobile phone.
Alarm station i want to use like a timer (delay) to set the necessary time while i turn on the alarm system and leave the flat.

In the next step (upgrade) i would like to connect small camera with internal memory, which would be activated by motion senzor at a time it make the quick call.
But my question is: Is my schema of alarm going to work?
I need the help, electricity is not my strongpoint, but i can put it together.

Thank you for any comment and helps.
Hope admin wont delete my topic.




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    hi , how can you make an alarm system that uses bluetooth. for example, a cellphone and a portable alarm device paired with bluetooth. The alarm will be activated if the connection cuts out. thanks alot.

    Hi There,

    You can achieve this by using an Arduino board (UNO R3) + GSM/GPRS Module + SD Card Wave Player + SD Card Module + Programming.

    All these have examples in Instructables.com itself. Just make some digging and you can make it out!