Introduction: Flattenable Fort

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This is my seventh instructable, and I am happy to share my ideas with all of you who see this.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need,

  • a refrigerator box
  • a small blanket
  • two larger blankets
  • a small table
  • a big foldable card table
  • a knife to cut cardboard
  • some heavy objects(i used books and paper)

Step 2: Placement

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Find a nice place to put your fort. I used a corner so that it would support the box. Then, put the refrigerator box or other large box in the space you chose..

Step 3: Entrance

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Place the smaller table on one side of the box. Make sure that the short end is facing the box.

Step 4: More Space

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On the other side of the box, place the bigger card table. Make sure you keep the tables in the same space or it could mess up a future step.

Step 5: Cutting Part 1

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In the space where the smaller table touches the box, cut as wide of a doorway as possible. I used an x-acto knife to cut it because scissors are not strong enough. If you want to, you can leave one side not cut, and it creates a door instead of a hole to crawl through.

Step 6: Cutting Part 2

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Now, repeat step five on the other end of the box where the card table touches the box.

Step 7: Covering Part 1

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Cover the smaller table with the smaller blanket.

Step 8: Carpet

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This is an optional step, you can, if you want to, put a blanket down under the card table if you there is just cement underneath.

Step 9: Covering Part 2

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Cover the card table with the other big blanket and put heavy items on it to keep it in place. (you can do this with the other table too, but I just pushed the blanket on the other side of the table so the wall holds it in place.)

Step 10: Now You Are Done!

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Now you have a fort that is easy to build and take down. Also, you might notice that I said that the fort was flattenable. That is true! All you have to do is fold up the box and the card table, take the blankets and fold them up, and everything else is pretty much flat on it's own! Then, you can just store it away for future use.


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