Picture of Flatulant Boss Detector
The older I get, the smaller my cubicle gets. In fact, I don't even have a cubicle now. But my boss used to walk in undetected and catch me doing research for some assignment (WWW - to the boss it looked like web surfing) and he would tell me to get to work. I wanted to put a cowbell around him, but I'm sure he wouldn't go for it, so I had to come up with something else. (note - the title should be "Flatulent.")
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Step 1: Picked up this nifty noise maker for about 6 bucks in the toy section of the food store.

Picture of Picked up this nifty noise maker for about 6 bucks in the toy section of the food store.
You can read the package for yourself. It has about 6 different random "tunes." But, the key item is the little RF remote button that comes with it.

Step 2: And I found this little gem in WalMart for about $5.00.

Picture of And I found this little gem in WalMart for about $5.00.
Obviously it turns on a little light (LED) when motion is detected, and the room is dark. (Hmmmmm, I wonder if I could...)

Step 3: Okay. Let's crack open the motion sensor and have a look see...

Picture of Okay.   Let's crack open the motion sensor and have a look see...
Well, I labeled everything. The photocell (not shown, but trust me, it's there) is to prevent the light (LED) from coming on during the daytime, and therefore prolongs the battery life.

The Fresnel lens is there to provide a wide field-of view for the motion sensor. Fresnel is pronounced frie-nel, look it up on Wikipedia for more info.
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Like A Boss3 years ago
Not cool.
Like a Boss!
Colonel885 years ago
I can't wait for the Whoo-pee cushion radio controlled improvised explosive device, for War!
Madrias3575 years ago
The title had me sitting here thinking, "Okay, so it's a fart detector!" Needless to say, I like this (motion activated farting device) better. I plan to make one that goes off when someone walks past the TV. Just for laughs...
rmwilson6 years ago
boss motion decetor.. I have wnated to build one these for ever in fact i cant tell you how many posts i have put up on here trying to get sem help with it .. I had the same idea.. of it toggling the screen when motion is deteceted.. are you able to make me one. I will pay for it ! i want to conceal it in a bart doll or a cube toy ... and then have it detect motion and toggle my screen ... email me so we can chat ... thanks Ryan ryan.wilson ( at)
How about going lo-tech and attaching one of these above your monitor, then rely on your peripheral vision and that excellent pattern-recognition device - your brain - to give the alarm?
I gotta get me one of these. i bet i could use it to protect my favorite vinyl albums. That thing must have over a zillion uses (zillion isn't even a number)
actually it is a number, a very, very high number but a number nonetheless.
It's not really a number, what the dictionary entry meant is that it is used to replace a specific large number.
Nicely pointed out... I wonder how many zillion's of times people have thought zillion wasn't a number.
el_roboto_loco (author) 7 years ago
de gustibus non est disputandum! (there is no accounting for taste.)
stop the foreign comments!would it be nice if i said "bu proje tam bir deli projesi seni herif"to you?
Punkguyta7 years ago
How about just hooking a webcam up to point at the doorway or such and have it so any motion triggers an alert in your system tray or the such. Takes probably 5min and $20.
el_roboto_loco (author)  Punkguyta7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Homeland security bothers me, if everyone wasn't a wuss and could defend their own home/property we wouldn't need large money sucking security corporations now would we?
el_roboto_loco (author)  Punkguyta7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
YOU [censored]S! STOP THE "(removed by poster)" thing!
I agree homeland security sucks. the US is all about the "proper procedure" regardless if there are lives on the line and every second counts. My word even paramedics are slow and incompetent. My dad almost died from his appendix rupturing and the paramedics just stood there calmly (all 4 of them who could barely fit in the room) and asked him questions my mom has already answered. The only advantage to being in the US is the freedom to kill and steal at your leisure. Yes, I live in the US, and no, I don't blame bush specifically, this started long before he was in office.
Before you continue bashing the US and it's policies, keep in mind where Israel's money comes from. Don't bite the hand that feeds you!
el_roboto_loco (author)  aussie2u7 years ago
Israel isn't feeding me anything. I fed them a free design. I think you misunderstood what I wrote. Read it again.
royalestel7 years ago
What the heck are you doing in a cubicle? You ought to get a financial/business mentor and become a squid labs.
el_roboto_loco (author)  royalestel7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
el_roboto_loco (author)  el_roboto_loco7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
um. wow. your either faking that and know ALOT about that stuff or your telling the truth. I'm guessing you telling the truth based off of how intelligent your idea was in this instructable.
phonzy7 years ago
man good job on the flash im deeply impressed.. ironically i can play that song on drums.. me and my band used to play it at shows LOL!!! ppl where like wtf.. anyways good invention.. and sorry bout the chick thing..
el_roboto_loco (author)  phonzy7 years ago
el_roboto_loco (author) 7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
There already is a counter-measure. In fact, there are several! Spaced armour plate, wire meshes, and the neat UK invented electrical defence all work. Probably not as well as not being there, but let's not get into that..

The latest Iraqi trick is the shaped charge handgrenades. They *really* pack a punch!
el_roboto_loco (author)  _soapy_7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Well, firstly, I disagree with the war in Iraq. If the war didn't cost in human lives, then there wouldn't even be public opinion holding back Bush the Lesser. Get rid of him, get out of Iraq, and then 25 to 30 good American men won't have to die each month.

Think about it - if the situation was reversed, would you *ever* give up? Nor will they!

The problem with such asymmetric warfare (30 a month on the US side, vs. 30 a day on the Iraqi side) is that the places you are occupying have no option but to turn to terrorism and guerilla warfare. It's evolution, because anyone dumb enough to try to stand and fight is dead already. No-one stands and fights an M1 Abrams with a few stones if they can help it. The only ways to win are to kill everyone, or leave. The killing everyone option seems not to be working, so why not use the other option, and leave?

With that out the way, on to the topic at hand.

The new shaped charge hand grenades are stick grenades, with a small trailing 'chute, to try and get them hitting head down onto the armour. There are some great videos of them on YouTube. Genuinely shaped charges, and as such they have to interface the target armour at the right distance and angles to be effective.

RPGs are totally different things, warhead aside.

The sticky bombs you mention were invented by the British, and they were very sticky. They weren't shaped charges, though, they were simply a HE head that exploded. To be honest, they weren't very effective, but they were designed for the Home Guard guys as much as anything, to give them some hope of beating a tank. But since they weren't even issued with ammo, generally...

The electrical defence is actually quite simple, but genius. Insulate a metal plate 1" off from the armour, and whack a big capacitor across them. Charge it up.

When an RPG or other shaped charge hits the plate, the charge fires a (usually copper) slug of molten metal through the first plate at around 3000m/s. Think of this as your fusewire. As it reaches the actual armour and starts to penetrate, the capacitor discharges very rapidly through the conductive path opened up. This turns our fusewire into a blown fuse, and the light spatter of molten metal that hits the armour is, of course, easily stopped.

Again, have a look on YouTube, there is a video on there of a UK light armoured car being hit 10+ times by RPG7's with almost no effect.
el_roboto_loco (author)  _soapy_7 years ago
That's really clever. Thanks for the info.
idiotjohn7 years ago
If I were you I would have removed the high brightness LED from the motion sensor and speaker wire with a switch, large red LED and a buzzer so that when it sensed motion a red LED and buzzer would go off but you could turn the whole thing off with a switch... If you used 4 core wire you could have a momentary off switch to turn the circuit off and back on. I know this wouldn't be remote but in my opinion it would work better.
el_roboto_loco (author)  idiotjohn7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Yeah, fine with me if you use it... But instead of the horrid buzzer sound you might want to use a pezio siren of a relay to get a nice sound all together!
lilsoxo7 years ago
I wouldn't be surprised it you wrote this while at work while enjoying the benefits of your boss detector.

=P Creativity at its finest.
This instructable is simply genius.
a great way to supplement this instructable would be to use "acehide free" its a program that lets you wide a window,( along with the tab in the taskbar) at the touch of a user defined shortcut
el_roboto_loco (author)  Sidney Floyd7 years ago
Well, you could use <a rel="nofollow" href="">WinLIRC</a>, but I would use a little micro-controller in a box that goes between the keyboard and the PC. Knowing the keyboard interface (USB/AT) it's easy to send keystrokes. And I have already written a program using <a rel="nofollow" href="">AutoHotkey</a> script that let's you click on a page and do something else, and, later, with two keystrokes, that page or document you selected, will pop up on the display. So, without touching anything, a work-related page will always be displayed if anybody walks toward your cubicle. You can even have the computer beep in case you're checking your eyelids for pinholes when the boss walks in, and you can look alive by the time he walks in. And it wouldn't interfere with whatever you were typing at the time. And you could just ping the interface box with an IR or RF signal, or just use the RF signal from the whoopee machine.<br/><br/>BTW, a friend read my instructable, and said that he has a door bell with an RF remote push button, and the whoopee thing is on the same frequency, and if somebody pushes the door bell, the whoopee thing start making noises.<br/>
It wouldn't be much use AFTER being invaded! Also, the terrorists have a lot of trouble finding a courier to deliver the remote whoopee cushion and Wal-mart sensor.
The Unseen7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
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