Step 2: Finish it up

I thought the junction between the tines and the handle of the fork was a little plain, and decided to put another heart there. Draw a horizontal line, centerpunch a couple spots and drill them out so that the holes just touch. Use the high speed bur in your Dremel to flush out the bottom of the heart. 

The last step in the formation is to shape it into a bracelet. I used a vaguely arm shaped branch from the firewood stack and bent the fork around it by hand, but a few of the thicker sections needed a good whack from the hammer.

And lastly: polish it up! I made up a couple sanding wheels for the Dremel out of different grades of wet/dry paper with duct tape on the back for support to take the tool nicks out of the tines, then it was on to the polishing wheel. 

Just to show you a different design, the last photo is a commission I did for a friend recently out of 2 forks
Pam22 years ago
Andrew thanks for the great tutorial! Our profiles are so similar. I loved this art form when I first saw it and went straight to EBay and ordered a 135 piece lot of silver plate flatware. It is now piled up with the supplies from my last passion. Sorry, onto my question. What is the wooden tool that is shown in the pictures? I made some really great bud vases using a spoon and a knife handle and like most of the posts I am having trouble bending fork tines for other designs that I would like to make. The tool looks like it would really help. What is it? Thanks, Pam
kissu23 years ago
Simply beautiful !! U are an inspiration !
PLEEEEEEAAAASE make an ible for the octopus one! :)
andrew.spencer.2 (author)  themadjeweler3 years ago
Sorry, but that's the only photo I can find of the octopus one, aside from the original design (you can even spot some differences) . I posted it to inspire people to try different designs using the tools & techniques already laid out in this instructable. Grab some pliers and some forks and give it a try, it's really just an extrapolation of the first one. Good luck :)
Juleemt3 years ago
Totally amazing... i have few forks in here and i made a bracelet but its like... a curve fork with no movement or cuteness like yours, love the heart idea!!! Gonna do one this afternoon!! ;D
halla4 years ago
amazing , good idea i will finish mine and submit it
thanks lots for sharing this amazing idea
god bless u
chrisalis4 years ago
Could you elaborate on how you made your little sanding wheels for the Dremel? I bought one of these bracelets years ago at an art festival and really like it. I have a bunch of assorted old silverware (thanks to Grandma) that I can use . . . I've always wanted to try this. Thanks for the very clear instructable.
andrew.spencer.2 (author)  chrisalis4 years ago
Put a square of duct tape on the back of your sandpaper, then draw a circle on the tape with a compass. Cut the circle out and skewer it all on a cutoff wheel mandrel. I think Dremel probably sells something of the sort, but they're easy enough to make on your own. Use it for getting out the deeper gouges before polishing. Good luck with the bracelet making!
monmere4 years ago
I absolutely love this idea. I have some of my Great-Grandmother's flatware and have been wanting to make some spoon rings for my granddaughters. I've never gotten around to finding out how to make them, so I will try this.
Thank you for the instructions.
dps john4 years ago
If you make a set of soft jaw covers for your vice out of copper you will not get marks in the item. this will enable you to tighten up the vice whilst forming and cut down on the amount of polishing you need to do
armeeuff14 years ago
This is way inventive and very cool. Great project. I will def. be trying this myself. Imagine someone gaga- ing over this and then you tell them it's 'just a fork'? They will go home and cry a river while looking at all their "designer" jewelry. This is some kind of cross between folk art and the next wave of hit jewelry!
hzabat4 years ago
I want to make one for my boyfriend. Silver and leather doesn't last long with him. I don't think sewing up a denim bracelet would last very long either. He's a very active person.

Some questions. Is the fork sturdy enough that it won't bend when it gets sat on or something?

And could you give me an idea of what design guys would like? I don't think he'd appreciate the heart one very much.. He'll wear anything I give him, though. Better yet, will you make us a version for men?
MandingaRes4 years ago
Realmente es excelente el diseño, además es bueno reciclar y mucho mejor cuando se trate de elementos que ya no vamos a usar ni siquiera de repuesto. Más allá de si es de color del acero, dorado o azul, está muy bonito. Solo habrá que encontrar a la dama que lo quiera lucir en su muñeca. Felicitaciones!!
Wow I so want one!
thebluehawk4 years ago
Pardon my ignorance, but what is it that gives it that golden color in the last photo? Is it just the lighting or did the polishing or some other effect do that?
andrew.spencer.2 (author)  thebluehawk4 years ago
Hmm, that's a good question. Probably a combination of the lighting and whatever may have been reflected in the surface when I took the photo. The last one was taken under a 200w incandescent, whereas the others were either the camera flash or a bright white LED.