Introduction: Flavored Ice Cubes

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This is something I'm just gonna share with you guys that I personally do all the time because I don't like regular ice cubes because when they melt they water down and take away flavor of your drink When these ice cubes melt they add flavor and taste great by themselves plus when I buy freeze pops there's so many of them if I did not do this I would have some from two summers ago lol

Step 1: Any Kind of Freeze Pops Unfrozen and Any Kind of Ice Tray

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Take your unfrozen freezer pops and fill up the ice tray and place them in your freezer

Step 2: Once Frozen You're All Set

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You can place them in a glass or cup and just add your favorite beverage or just add a spoon and Enjoy


wilgubeast (author)2014-08-29

Smart. You can do this with simple syrup and your own ingredients, too.

Thatdan (author)wilgubeast2014-08-29

Will Get some simple syrup next time I'm at the store and try it out

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