Flavorful Potato Focaccia Bread


Step 10: Dig in! (finally :D)

Picture of Dig in! (finally :D)
So now that you have a nice large batch  of foccacia, you're probably wondering how you can serve it!

*Cut the foccacia into strips and serve it with other dishes. (great for a side dish to pasta or soup or salad)
*Use it for a foccacia sandwich. (use the foccacia for the bread of the sandwich, savory sandwiches only, I hope)
*Serve with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
*EAT IT PLAIN (yum, yum, yummy)
Enjoy this recipe!  It's a little labor intensive to make, but the end result is really yummy and delicious! 

Thanks for reading this instructable and I hope you're willing to try it out!
This project is a tad less kid friendly-based than my others (the process was too long to keep my god sisters attention spans), but I've got an project coming up that I recently did with them, which they absolutely LOVED.

Just a heads up that I have another instuctable similar to my rice bag tutorial coming soon, and another planned after that!  So, see you then, fellow members!

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Jdogg555 years ago
This is a wonderful instructable and I can not wait to try making this, this week. 
Thank you!!!