Picture of Fleece Hand Warmer
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This instrucable will show you how to make a hand warmer with a cute bow ^_^
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Step 1: What you'll need

* Sewing Machine,
*Fleece fabric,
*Measuring tape,
*Thread and needle.

Step 2: Cutting fleece

Picture of Cutting fleece
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Measure your gloves’ size (as shown in the picture)….Draw the shape on a paper according to the size, now cut the fleece out….Keep enough space for the thumb.

• Now fold the fleece in half.
• Put the paper on the fleece
• Draw outlines around the paper
• Now cut around the outlines

Step 3: Making bow

Picture of Making bow
Cut two pieces of fleece to make a bow.
Measure the length and width of the bow as you’ll have to adjust it on the mittens wrist. The piece I cut out for the bow was, 4 Inches in length and 2 inches in width. Keep an extra on both width and length of the bows fabric as you’ll have to sew the sides.
Make small folds in the middle of that piece to make bow and stitch.
Cut a small piece to make the middle part of the bow. Fold it in half, sew the end, fold the right side out and finally get the folded bow through that small piece to complete the bow.

Step 4: Sew them together

Picture of Sew them together
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• Take the two pieces cut out for the gloves,
• Now place the bow in the middle of both glove pieces (wrist area)
• Sew the sides as shown in the picture.

After done sewing fold the right side out.

Yay your gloves are READY!
Have fun making a pair .
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