They are inexpensive, easy to make, and best of all KIDS LOVE THEM!

I got the idea for making these as an attempt to get my three boys to wear something to cover their face and neck while skiing.  They do not find neck gators or balaclavas hip enough.   Bandanas are popular with skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers.  Many snow sport manufacturers provide free bandanas as advertising giveaways.  However, regular bandanas (which are thin) do not provide enough protection from the wind, snow, and cold.  This is a new version of the old western bandana.  They are specially folded, and a medallion of fleece is added for warmth.  In addition, as the bandanas are glorified handkerchiefs, they are great for those unavoidable cold-weather runny noses!


1 bandana (or a 22”x22”finished-size hemmed handkerchief-weight square of fabric)
9 ¾” x 12” fleece

Note:  5 bandana linings can be made from 1/3 yd. of fleece.  Bandanas can often be obtained for free or for a couple of dollars.

Cost:  under $3

Step 1: Step 1: Making the fleece lining

Make paper pattern in the shape of a pentagon (5-sided medallion).  This medallion looks like a house with side lengths 7”, 7”, 7”, 7”, and base of 9 ¾”.  The distance from the middle of the base to the highest point is 12”.  Once you have cut out the paper pattern, pin it to the fleece and cut out the fleece medallion to be used to line the bandana.

<p>I made one but I put the &quot;fleece&quot; Between the layers so it's hidden :)</p><p>and by fleece I mean a microfiber facecloth, cut to size.. warm, wind resistant machine washable, etc..</p>
Looks comfortable, but perhaps a little hard to breath?
Thanks! I only seem to have time to make things that are simple and cheap. I have seen these advertised by a manufacturer in China in a much smaller size for children that must only be designed to go around the neck not the mouth or nose. You have to buy hundreds from that manufacturer to buy any.
Yeah, we'll see it soon on etsy.
This is another of those slap the forehead and scream DUUUUUH why didn't I think of that!? kind of things ! Or why isn't this available commercially? Fantastic idea !
This is a great idea. Very simple but effective. :D

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