Fleece and Ultrasuede Vest





Introduction: Fleece and Ultrasuede Vest

This is a simple pattern. Cut 2 front pieces, 1 back piece on fold, 1 stand-up collar, 4 pockets pieces. Front trim is optional. Buttons, snaps or velcro is your choice for closure. This is the perfect choice for our South Florida winters. Chilly in the morning and warm to hot in the afternoons. I used Simplicity pattern 4803 AA (s,m,l). This is a large size vest using about 1 3/8 yds. of fleece. Not exactly sure how much ultra suede I used, it was scrap I had. The collar pattern piece and a measurement of the length of the front will give you the amount needed. I combined the two pattern pieces for the front and cut only solid front panels. The pattern calls for a zipper front, but I didn't turn under the seam allowances and instead used them for the ultra suede trim, buttons and buttonholes.



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Be nice to have some pattern piece layouts included, and yardage suggestions linked to even a single size.