Step 4: Insert the Pillow and Find Someone to Test the Sleep Sack Out

Tuck the pillow into the pillow pocket and your sleep sack is all ready to use.  Mine is being tested by Jonnybo111.

The second sleep sack I made in 45 minutes from picking up the scissors & the fleece to inserting the pillow into the completed project.

Sleep well!
I love that fabric
Oh hey, this was released on my B-day, nice! I'm gonna have to make one of these, my room is freezing in the winter.
I like it! I need one to keep myself from freezing when the Mrs. steals the covers!
Now that is an excellent reason to make one. It took me less time to make the sleep sack than to write up the ible and sort out all the photos & comments!
this is a really neat idea, thank you for sharing

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