Fleur De Plastic Bottle





Introduction: Fleur De Plastic Bottle

Pretty and simple. Yet another way to reuse water bottles.

If there is interest I will post the instructions.

Thanks for looking!

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!!



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    I would sure like to see the instructions, I could use it in class for the kids when I volunteer

    Yeah!! Please post instructions for the kiddies!!

    What kind of paint did you use and did you use varnish afterwards?? What is clearcoat? Thanx

    I used acrylic craft paint for the project posted. I've also used glass paint, spray paint and pottery paint. They all have interesting effects.
    Clear coat is a varnish. I used 3m's clear coat for this project. It comes in a spray can and is usually found in the art section of craft stores. Sometimes its found with the spray paint as well.

    Best of luck!!

    I want to know how you painted it.

    Love this! Please share more of your talent.

    Nice idea, looks pretty. I love the spring addition. :) I assume you cut the general shape out first then used your lighter for the warped look. I don't think instructions are really called for, your pictures say enough. :) I will definitely have to give this a try next time we buy soda. Thanks for uploading this.

    Its pretty basic. the top of the bottle off. cut from the large open area towards the middle. Shape the edges a little and use lighter to melt them more into shape. Paint the underside and when its dry clearcoat it. :D

    Love Love Love! I  want to use as wall decs or something else decorative- please post the instructions!! :D

    Love these--especially the plaid one. Would love to see instructions!