Fleur De Plastic Bottle





Introduction: Fleur De Plastic Bottle

About: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...UPCYCLE! I look for ways to creatively reuse and upcycle household items that are normally tossed away in the trash. Some projects I create are useful and some are just for fun.

Pretty and simple. Yet another way to reuse water bottles.

If there is interest I will post the instructions.

Thanks for looking!

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!!



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    I would sure like to see the instructions, I could use it in class for the kids when I volunteer

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    Yeah!! Please post instructions for the kiddies!!

    What kind of paint did you use and did you use varnish afterwards?? What is clearcoat? Thanx

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    I used acrylic craft paint for the project posted. I've also used glass paint, spray paint and pottery paint. They all have interesting effects.
    Clear coat is a varnish. I used 3m's clear coat for this project. It comes in a spray can and is usually found in the art section of craft stores. Sometimes its found with the spray paint as well.

    Best of luck!!

    I want to know how you painted it.

    Love this! Please share more of your talent.

    Nice idea, looks pretty. I love the spring addition. :) I assume you cut the general shape out first then used your lighter for the warped look. I don't think instructions are really called for, your pictures say enough. :) I will definitely have to give this a try next time we buy soda. Thanks for uploading this.

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    Its pretty basic. the top of the bottle off. cut from the large open area towards the middle. Shape the edges a little and use lighter to melt them more into shape. Paint the underside and when its dry clearcoat it. :D

    Love Love Love! I  want to use as wall decs or something else decorative- please post the instructions!! :D

    Love these--especially the plaid one. Would love to see instructions!

    Those are adorable :) Could you please post the instrucable? :)