The FlexShoe is a product for those who are suffering from foot swelling. This product relieves the pain by using a mechanism constructed within the shoe, that is able to spread the area in the front of the shoe so that there is more space for the swollen foot. Many people suffer from swollen feet and face difficulties with outdoor activities primarily because their shoe is tight and uncomfortable. As a solution to this problem, we have come up with the idea to make the FlexShoe which offers the option to adjust the width of the shoe to fit a swollen foot. This helps because an average shoe causes pain due to the enormous amount of pressure applied to the swollen parts of your foot by your shoe. Inside our revolutionized shoe, DC motors and gears are installed and are able to adjust the width of the shoe to provide space and increase comfortability for your foot. The inside of the shoe will be modified with memory foam to offer extra comfort. This way the shoe will conform to the shape of your foot and it won’t be as uncomfortable. As of 2012, 29.1 percent of Americans suffer from diabetes. Also, other diseases that cause foot swelling include Lymphedema, Venous Insufficiency and ankle/foot injuries. In addition, pregnancies are one of the main causes for swelling of the foot as well. The FlexShoe will be able to target a large percentage of customers who suffer from foot swelling and will be available in an affordable price range as well as many different sizes. The FlexShoe is a revolutionary innovation and will help millions of people worldwide. No longer will it be a pain to walk in your shoe.



Basic Parts - Screws, Springs, Electronic Wires, Rivets, Nails



Screw shaft

DC torque motor

Breadboard (Not in Final Product)

H-Bridge (Not in Final Product)

9V Duracell Battery

Force sensor (Not in Final Product)


Foam Pad

Red Leather



Step 1: Prototyping the Shoe With a Cardboard

(NOTE: This step is not necessary, but is recommended to get an idea for the size of the shoe)

First, outline a shoe on a piece of cardboard. Then, cut out the cardboard with a box cutter. Next, outline another identical shoe on a piece of cardboard. Finally, cut out this piece to creating the wings and the heel, as shown in the picture

<p>sounds extraordinarily uncomfortable, like walking in downhill ski boots. Wouldn't it be better to adjust to top area with a more controlled and localized lacing structure? you could still use the heel to contain the controls, you just need to provide channels for the laces in the sole area so the channels are semi rigid and don't pull the sides (rather than the top) tight.</p>

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