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Introduction: Flexable Knex Sword

Here is a sword well sort of ... that i made... Well credit to whoever that first did it i may not be the first but i may be the first at posting this instructable! Whatever...


PIC 1: Red connectors cant really give a number depending on how long you want it to be...
PIC 2: White rods... Again... depending on how long you want it to be...
PIC 3: Blue rods... Again... depending on how long you want it to be...
PIC 4: One just one plain ol red rod! It may be colored metalic like the one on my mini bow.... used to be bigger had to mini -fy it for parts... Well my room was a mess when i took these pics

Pic 5, 6 ,7: Stronger handle mods

This may be the first and only knex thing... invention that makes music!!!!

It can also be used as a rattler.... well insturment of some kind when you shack it left and right gentle and it makes a "rattle" noise ... hence i said "Rattler."

This basic concept of design maybe applied to making tank chains with grey connectors (1 connection connertor..) Whatever the possiblities are almost endless... Not really but well you get the point...

If you have any handle mods please post them cause this sword can only swing left and right but sometimes breaks...

Family Guy video.. Cool Whip!

Step 1: Step One Making the Connections (NO NO NO Not Like Drug Stuff Like Knex Connections >.>)

Pic 1: Make this with two red connectors and one white rod.. if you cant do it you got yourself a whole other load a problems
Pic 2: Add a red connector on the top
Pic 3: Just another angle i think this pics blurry....

Continue this pattern by placing another white rod through the red and put two connectors on it and continue the pattern... Kinda hard to explain when your doing an instructable in twenty minutes....

Well if ya have problems message me.. It isnt that hard..

Does my hand look browinish... it really isnt that color im white >.> sorry if im being racist

Im just pointing something out cause my finger isnt BROWN like that....

Step 2: Adding the Spikes or Swordish Stuff....

Pic 1: Do it pretty simple... Grab some blue rods and snap em on...

Step 3: The Handle...

Pic 1: Grab one red rod and connect the red connectors... Oppisite of eachother each time ...
Well heres an example: left, right, left, right ... well you sorta get the point

Step 4: Finished~~! and Mods

Snap on the handle and let it move~! well the sword that is...


Pic 1 handle mod
Pic 2 handle mod
Pic 3 handle mod

Step 5: Random Pics.... and My Sword One of Them...

seriously testing if my cam pics are clear...

In the picture with 1/4 of my knex well the one with the boxish thing with a weird lizard bench i got for my birthday when i was six... See those weights? Oooh ya lifting some tens everyday just to impress them girls ;D! Good stuff



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    Why on earth would you need a sword that's flexible?!?

    This is a nice design you have here! The only thing I have to say is its more like Renji's sword than Ichigos. Like in tenkai mode its like this.

    cough* ivy - soulcalibur 3 cough* lol :P

    Hey is the real sword zangetsu?

    I bought it then sharpened it / refined on a what cha ma call it..... something sander...


    lol i got connections to weed...:P

    omg a curling sword!!!!!!!!!!finaly a sword with an ORIGINAL design!nice work!!:D

     if you had no blue spikes and only have white spikes at the end of the sword, it could be an Abyssal Whip from RuneScape