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Flexbone is iPod Shuffle accessory, which makes training and enjoying music more enjoyable. It makes Apples great product even more better. Flexbone makes training safer by getting rid of earbud cords. It also has better control of the Shuffle because of separated control buttons. Flexbone started its life from discovering how runners use the shuffle. There where setups like taping the cord to ones cap and attaching the Shuffle next to it. Also the most common site was seeing how the wires where swinging and jumping in front of the runner. Flexbone is especially designed for marathon runners in mind. Because, during marathon training and running long periods, any moving objects close to body causes skin chafing. Flexbone is like a bone, strong but flexible and lightweight.


ryan2020131 (author)2014-04-30

That's so cool!

JID (author)2014-04-26

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