Flexible Aluminum Electroluminescent Display - No Transparent Conductor Needed





Introduction: Flexible Aluminum Electroluminescent Display - No Transparent Conductor Needed

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How to make a flexible display with aluminum foil, EL phosphors and a simple electrolytic etching bath.



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    I'll be trying my hand at this soon Jeri, I have a lot of ideas for custom EL displays and can't afford to simply cut up EL panels into what I need. Would you care to watch a video of mine and give me some feedback? In it, I demonstrate 100hz-reactive EL ribbon on a top hat with audio input processed by Arduino, using a resistor-capacitor filter to isolate the 100hz audio band, an LM386 IC to create the line level voltage, and a transistor to switch the EL supply on and off. Crude, but effective.


    10 Galon Glow.png

    какойто развод...........показать показала а попробовать не даёт...........

    Where I can buy the kind of white sand? that you add at the end.

    And congratulations for the projects and the technical illusions!!

    And one more thing i want this idea to the next level i need the assistance how many watts the layer per cm square is consumed? and how can the brightness of light can improved????

    Very nice efforts what are the other alternative illuminating ink please let me know... thanks... oh i like positive approach of seeing thinks !!!!

    That offers so many possibilities, and your use of an erstwhile warning sticker is resonating with me. This along with EL wire might be a suitable means to offer low/no-light guidence, and since there is current flow it could be tested for my automated devices as well.

    Bravo, very well done.

    This is so kewl that it forced me to get an account just so I could tell you that. lol Awesome stuff!

    this should also work with an ultrasound cleaner to porate the aluminium.
    not as well but just takes a bit longer.


    Dielectric Ink = Dielectric Grease? :o

    where is the video??

    hei..the video is already gone


    This is so cool! I have got to try and make something with that electroluminescent phosphorous!
    Please tell me, where can you get it?!

    NONONO...What you said is electrolysis(video 1:05). But what I want to know is...how could she make it emit light(video 2:10)?

    No, that's just for the etching. For actually powering it, I'm pretty sure it uses a HV AC power supply.

    About 100v AC at about 1000hz.

    That is just the COOLEST thing I have been e-mailed in a long time!!!

    A fantastic example of true science, turning a failure into something new, useful, and creative.

    Like Post-It notes, microwaves for cooking, Teflon, and penicillin.

    How about a bill of materials and suggested sources?