There are so many lovely lamps posted in here.Some of them are really nice.Along with all the  entries here is my beautiful flexible table lamp I share.I have done this with great passion and beleive me or not I like it very much.This is one of my favourite ible .This lamp has a body to turn in different direction in different shapes.My husband was so curious to know what my idea is,and he also helped me in attatching the frame and the rings together.I am using as my bed side lamp.
This is a very low cost instructable which every one can try it out but time consuming work.
I am posting with loads of pictures,so that it is easy to understand looking at the pictures alone.

6th April -Update
The red lamp is another one I made a few adays ago with a darker colored fabric,and I include the picture as well.

Step 1: Requirements

For the stand

Fabric of your choice
Cord ring and rod
Bottle lid
Top pins
Measuring tape
Glue gun
A big bowl
Small screw driver
Cello tape
Uhu glue
Empty tissue roll

For the shade
An old lamp  shade frame
Material of your choice
Laminating  sheet  2

<p>Interesting. </p>
Fantastic idea and wonderfully made.
Thank you....
Good idea,to update an old Lamp,looks cosy,
Thank you for viewing.
Wow! My favourite lamp out of the lot.Love it.Voted.
Loads and loads of Thanks for your vote.
Oh I am late to see this :). I really liked your idea :) Please post a picture of the dark color fabric lamp when your done. <br>Once small suggestion, I think if you choose a textured dark colored fabric for base it would look even more awesome. <br>Thanks
Thank you for your comments!I made another one with red and silver for the base.The base fabric has to be to thicker.This is really beautiful.Have a look .
So Creative,Like this
Wow! it looks awesome!
Thanks Muhaiminah!I too love this very much.I am doing another one with dark color fabric for the guest room.This one was a try out,and it turned out well.so my next one will be much better as the little mistakes I did on this will be corrected..But would be the same.
You're welcome Ayesha! This one looks fine! I'm sure the one you're making would look even finer! but this is such a unique idea, I'm going to give this lamp a name, it looks tooooo adorable! :)
So creative!
Welcome.Thanks for viewing my ible.
LOVE, love, LlOoVvEe!!!!!
This is a funky and cool idea! oh well well done! I love it!
Thank you.
a sandbag lamp. FANTASTIC idea !
you are welcome!
Not what I expected from &quot;flexible,&quot; but I must agree this is a fantastic concept. Utterly practical, but never seen anything close. Like a gyroscope, it magically leans out into space. <br> <br>Plus it's a sewing project. I can stitch together scraps for a beachball version. Plus I live on a sandbar. *cartwheels*
Hi Flavrt,what I meant in flexible is that the sand bag can be flexible in which ever way you keep it.Anyway thanks for your comment

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