Step 5: Install Components

Thread the LEDs wires through the top of the candle and connect them to your circuit board. Insert some batteries and ensure it all still works and is connected correctly. Place the circuit board in the cavity and slot the battery pack into its socket to seal it all up. As mentioned earlier, the battery pack should fit firmly. If not, you made need to add a little padding to fill the gaps and get a tight fit. I secured the switch to the side of the battery pack with some hot glue to finish it off.

To make the LED look more at home on the top of a candle, add small dobs of hot glue and shape with a toothpick until you've built an imitation hot glue flame. You're done! Build your own customised candles like the three candle coffee and chocolate version shown in the intro of this instructable.
Great job! Do you know if the ATTiny85 can control 3 leds? I've been wanting to try something like this: <br> <br>http://gadgetgangster.com/find-a-project/56.html?projectnum=229 <br> <br>That uses 3 leds to better simulate flicker and flame movement, but I haven't dived into Arduino enough yet to see if it's feasible.
<p>Its a shame the link doesnt exist any more as I would be interested in this. I shall have to do some research. ;)</p>
Amazing thank you so much
<p>Nice project, but it would be more realistic if wick is also moving </p>
Thank You!! :)
Great Idea, Question. I see a capacitor in one of the photos. How big? Where? And, why? <br>Thanks - Gary
This is amazing! Well done well done. Nice trick using hott glue as a &quot;flame&quot; it adds style and diffuses the light nicely
Cheers, appreciate the kind words. You can never underestimate the abilities of hot glue.
true true. it is a powerful tool/friend
Very nice! I can't wait to try this one!
Thanks! Post some pics of the results.

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