I made a slew of origami lanterns for a friend's wedding a few years back, and it seemed only right to add lights to the design. After all, they are lanterns! As I have no desire to burn my apartment down, I decided to use some flickering LEDs from Evil Mad Scientist that give the appearance of a candle, without the paper-eating flame. You can use whatever LEDs you like.

As these were made to look like Chinese lanterns, I chose red and yellow for my colors. You can obviously make these in different colors/shapes/sizes and customize to your heart's content.

You'll find me telling you to experiment a lot, because it's fun to tinker, and because it allows you to make this project your own. I want to see pictures of what you've modified!

Step 1: Gather Materials



Wire Strippers

Wire Cutters


Hot Glue Gun


Skewer or small screwdriver


Coin Cell Battery (optional)

Soldering Iron and Solder (optional)

Electrical Tape (optional)


6" x 6" paper

Scrap paper

Colored paper

Embroidery floss or other string

Metal Nut or Washer

LED (flickering or otherwise)

AA Battery Pack with switch

Batteries for Battery Pack


<p>You could use a stem tape, or use colored duct tape to hide the wiring. </p>
<p>Great idea. Since I like the twisted up wires look myself, I've also toyed with weaving them in with some other colored threads.</p>

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