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You're looking at a reflective tape job that I did on my flight helmet in flight school. The goal was to cover at least 75% of the helmet with reflective tape (in orange, red and/or white) so that you could be spotted at night for a easy pickup at sea. There is another dragon on the other side blowing flames at the one you see on this side. The dragons are made from [green] reflective tape too. With this design I not only got approval but I won a few squadron contests with it.

To take this photo I stuck a fish-eye lens on my 35mm and suction-cupped it to the dash. I set the timer and started doing some precision acrobatics. This photo was taken at about 35,000 ft going into a barrel role. The second photo was taken just after I landed for my scrapbook.



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    Yeah I've looked, people end up getting them for what you could buy a brand new one for

    Any tips on how to get an mbu-12? I'm a former Marine, about to do my first HALO Jump

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    Ebay has a plethora of them, new to used in every price range.

    I was in for 6 yrs and finished with VMW 242. And you?

    It was my brother-in-law... he was in Beeville, TX where he did the same exercise! Call sign Bullwinkle(!?) It then became "Flip" as an A-4 flight instructor in Yuma, AZ.

    Your picture looks like one of his old pix, since both the "new" paint job (gray on gray) and the "old" paint (Red and White) job are both displayed at once. Late 70s -early 80s, I think. He later flew the Israeli Kafir with an aggressor squadron in the reserves and finally now is a Captain with American.

    I just thought it would be fun to ask you about it! I fell in love with the Scooter 'cuz of his involvement. He has a tail-hook mounted on his "trophy room" wall, along with other memorabilia. There is a bit of envy there I'm afraid. I salute you both for your service as Attack pilots!

    You're a Pilot and a mechanical engineer? Tell me your story, as Aviation and Engineering are my passions.. When did you start to study? How did you become a pilot and an engineer?

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    It had always been my goal to be astronaut since I was but a wee lad (you know, years ago, when dinosaurs roomed free) so I headed in that direction right out of high school. I got a BS in engineering out of college, so "Jet pilot" was the next logical ticket to be punched on the way up that ladder. I loved flying (my true love in life) and would liked to have made a career out of it, but unfortunately fate would say otherwise; so I stepped off that ladder and decided to earn a paycheck as an engineer, hoping someday to make the one widget nobody has (but everybody needs) and make enough to buy an airplane...(however that plan is still in the works :)

    Cool dude keep chasing the dream

    Awesome!! Astronaut was my first ambition too.I wanted to be a fighter pilot then go to NASA and become an astronaut but stuff happened or didn't happen and I only got as far as taking a few physics courses in college...I still hope to learn to fly "someday"... Props to you for getting to flight school and best wishes on getting that plane :)

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    Crazy, Thanks for the good words. And don't give up on your dreams. After you have been around as long as I have you learn that even if they make no sense your dreams are what keeps you young. Quit chasing them and you step off the carousel. Once off it's tough to get back on.

    That is so true...I've let a few dreams fall by the wayside over the years but your words and all the cool stuff people post on this website inspire me to get back on that carousel so thanks :)