Step 7: Enjoy!

Find somewhere to tie it ( chandeliers are great)

<p>how lovely </p>
Thank you for posting this Instructable.
where can you buy liquid lead to do this?
loved these....
That looks really elegant.
Love these!
Why do the butterflies in step 3 and 4 look so different? In step 3 the paint is very wiggly, and in step 4 it is straight like wire.
They were actually from 2 different projects. I didn't have pictures of all the different steps from the first time we made them. I wasn't planning to make an instructable the first time around. So i used photos from both times they were made just to help people visualize what is supposed to be going on. They are both the same but it just depends on speed, patience, and personal style preference to make the lines straight or wiggly.

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