Flight of the Bats





Introduction: Flight of the Bats

We wanted dramatic decorations for our annual halloween party. The drama came in the form of 125 bats flying through our house and out the back door.

We used 5 different styles of bats cut using a Cricket and hung them with simple fishing line and tacks. The first step was a single line of bats that snaked through room. The bats were hung at graduating heights to give them the appearance of motion. Once we had our basic "flight pattern" we filled in with the rest of the bats.

NEW: For those without a cricket or time you can purchase your own set here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheHauntedHost#

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    Very cool, but do you think you could post the template for the bat design for us non-artistic types?

    Love it!! Thanks so much for sharing.:-)

    I love these; I don't know why it's taken me so long to leave a comment. I copied your idea for Halloween 2009 and they're still up. My roommates loved them so much they won't let me take them down!


    Great idea. If you have ever sat outside a bat cave at twilight you know what an amazing sight it is to see all the bats start streaming out. I watched Carlsbad Caverns at twilight once. Amazing. I'll remember this for next year. I think I'll have them come out from underneath my bed.

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    Hey I went to Carlsbad Caverns once too! Could you show a picture of what it looks like of the bats coming from underneath your bed? Thanks.

    Whoa! these look so real! I <3 bats, but this looks complicated, is it complicated?

    Ahhh! No cartridge. There is a way around all the expensive cartriidges and doppy designs. Look up a design program online called Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL). Downloading this program changes the firmware in the Cricket basically unlocking it. Then you can scan, design, copy anything you want using SCAL and the Crickit will cut the designs. The possiblities become endless.

    Oh my...oh MY...Thank you so much! You have freed the Cricket from it's shackles... Now I'm thinking of warped things I can do... heh heh heh

    I'm actaully gonna use this idea for my birthday party next month .

    Such a simple idea, but it looks great. I might have to try this one next year