Film Canister Speaker

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This Instructable will show you how to make a film canister speaker.
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Step 2: First (Optional)

Picture of First (Optional)
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Put holes or slits in the sides and bottom, then put one hole in the middle of the cap.

Step 3: Second

Picture of Second
Picture 016.jpg
Now feed the earphone wire through the bottom of the cap.

Step 4: Third

Picture of Third
Then put the earphones in the film canister and put the top on.

Step 5: Finally

Picture of Finally
Plug it in to your iPod or mp3 player and turn the volume up high.
To adjust the sound open the cap halfway.
techboy4111 year ago
earbuds! but maybe have 2 of them glued and 1 earbud in each?
GASSYPOOTS2 years ago
pill bottles are an option but hard to drill into with toenail clippeds >_<
if u did like me take apart the cap and u get a clear plastic part throw it away the canister is where the earbud hole goes and the cap is a mute
PSPerson4 years ago
auzio3 years ago
Use a splitter and add TWO, eh?
Haha i like it
Coolboyme4 years ago
its chep
its easy
its simple
ITS GREAT!.....well at least except for the fact that film cans like these are hard to find coz we dont need films any more LOL
KidEzo4 years ago
Awesome. I'll try it out right now! 
TSC4 years ago
19samman984 years ago
cool good job cheap and easy :)

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