Flimsy Georgett shawl turned into warm and fancy winter shawl

Picture of Flimsy Georgett shawl turned into warm and fancy winter shawl
Here is a fancy  warm shawl  I made with an old georgett shawl which was in no use for me.I am so surprised that it turned out so nicely and very  useful to keep my neck warm in this cold weather.
I bought 2 rolls of hand knitting yarn for € 80 cents which was on an offer at woolworth.I used only one roll for the entire shawl.
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Step 1: Requirements

Picture of Requirements
An old black georgett shawl
Sewing scissor
Top pins
Measuring tape
Required coloured threads
Marking chalk
Yarn of your choice.

Step 2: Fold

Picture of Fold
3 (800x533).jpg
This old black soft   shawl is 58'' X 24''already folded in to two and stitched together
I folded  the shawl in to two once again  and put top pins all around,because it is so flimsy and moves out of place.Refer picture one.
I divided in to 5 and marked it with the fabric chalk  X  on both sides  (lengthwise)Pic two.

Step 3: Loop

Picture of Loop
6 (800x533).jpg
7 (800x533).jpg
8 (800x533).jpg
9 (800x533).jpg
From one end of the corner of the shawl I started  sewing the yarn  in  a crossway ,and made a loop where marked  X and continued with out cutting the yarn  until the desired amount.Please follow pictures ,it is easy to understand.

Step 4: Sewing

Picture of Sewing
11 (800x533).jpg
I choosed zig zag stitch on the machine and used orange/brown  thread on top and black thread down in  the bobbin..Please use black thread underneath ,if not any other coloured thread will be visible on the shawl.

Step 5:

Picture of
13 (800x533).jpg
14 (800x533).jpg
It is not necessary to  sew equall rows on the shawl.. Once it is wrapped around your neck and end falls down,I usually twist them to gether so it does not show any difference.I used 50 meters knitting yarn for the whole shawl.(1 roll)
I placed the two ends of the shawl flat and cut the loops that was on the ends.