Flint Throwies





Introduction: Flint Throwies

This is how to easily turn a disposible lighter into a cracker bomb firework.

Disclaimer: This involves fire. Fire can burn you. I suggest that no one tries this.

PS. when watching the video you can see how super bright red the flint gets.

Step 1: Materials

One disposable lighter.

Basic Bic flint lighters work well (see picture). Electric lighters will not work.

Step 2: Remove Hood

Carefully remove Steel hood. You may need to use a key or a screw driver to pry it off.

Step 3: Dismantle the Rest of the Lighter.

Be very careful and remove the flint wheel. The two parts we need are the flint and the flint spring, these tend to fly out when you remove the flint wheel so be careful.

Step 4: Stretch the Spring Out and Wrap It Around the Flint

Make sure the spring is wrapped tightly around the flint. Putting the flint inside the spring loops works best. Keep the flint close to one side or the other. This will give a handle to hold while heating the flint.

Step 5: Heat Flint

Heat the flint with another lighter until it is glowing bright red.

Step 6: Stand Back and Huck

Throw at a hard surface and the flint will blow up into a bright flash and a shower of sparks.



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    why so long for a spring???

    The spring looks as if it is used to push the flint into the flint wheel, because the flint wears down, when the flint is new it is probable several centimetres long so the spring (and cavity) have to be long enough to hold it against the flint wheel when it is both long and short.

    how do i add peoples instructables to my favs?

    It's right above the steps list, and to the right.

    I'm thinking it just might be the word 'favorite' under the last step in the instructable. Just maybe...

    Haha. I think he may have given up on it now... a year later.

    No, Sorry I asked a simple question about this site when I just joined. Have a good one though.

    I know. I was just making a joke to Mr. Deeds. Your question was in 07 and his answer was in 08.

    Yeah, I was waiting for that reply from someone. lol jk.